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Elder Scrolls Online Adventures: Side Questing and World Bossing

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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It’s been a full seven days since my last post in which I introduced the revival of our glorious Elder Scrolls Online weekly column. Join me this week as I continued my questing in Summerset, whilst taking down world bosses with my friends!

While I progressed the main quest in Summerset a tad -- and wow is it incredible -- I’ve spent most of the past seven days taking part in the travails of its denizens. Without wishing to spoil too much since I know some of you still might be questing through this content, every single one of these quests have been standout. I’ll speak to two in particular which really impressed me.

I helped the scholars at the Illumination Academy resolve a mystery which rendered all but one of its people addled. While the final battle wasn’t as challenging as I thought it would be, the actual unraveling of the plot proved to be satisfying as I wound my way through the ancient library full of possessed tomes.

The murder mystery at Russafeld was excellent and provided an emotional payout I wasn’t quite expecting. Once again, the writing was brilliant, with each character involved showcasing a justification for their current predicament and actions.

As per usual, I explored quite a lot and found many random chests tucked into the corners of Summerset. As I mentioned last week, I’m an explorer at heart, and so I pretty much always take the road less traveled between destinations. It certainly helps that Summerset is absolutely beautiful. The music is incredible, too, compounding the feeling of discovery as I traverse the wilderness.

On Saturday, the Tawdry Ballz crew took on the world bosses around Summerset. We defeated five out of six of them in epic, Nirn-shattering battles with which the Eight themselves would be impressed.

These were super fun, as it helped me understand world bosses more in Elder Scrolls Online, and how to heal when in a group. I loved how each of the bosses had unique attacks which kept the battles fresh and mixed up the carnage. You can watch the full stream above, or a recap from guildie, Inter, below.

That’s it for this week guys! I’m having an absolute blast in Elder Scrolls Online. Knowing that I have all of Morrowind, Orsinium, Murkmire, and the rest of the world to go through keeps me incredibly excited. With everything going on, I didn’t even get a chance to continue the Thieves Guild this week, but now I think I shall continue that once I finish the main quest in Summerset. See you again next week, and join the Tawdry Ballz guild if you’d like to play with us!


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