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Elder Scrolls Online Adventures: I Saved Summerset (Spoilers)

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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This week in ESO, I saved Summerset, our Tawdry Ballz guild completed delves and dungeons in Vvardenfell, and hilarity ensued. [SPOILER WARNING] I’m going to discuss the ending to the main quest in Summerset, so be warned that this post will contain spoilers. Last chance. Good? Alright. If you missed my adventures last week, catch up here. Let’s go.  


Ok. Wow. The end of the main quest in Summerset was absolutely incredible. I’ve made mention previously of my love for the main quest here, specifically because of its heavy inclusion of the Daedra. Even more specifically, the main quest revolves around Nocturnal, Clavicus Vile, and Mephala.

If you are familiar with Elder Scrolls lore, you’ll know that the Daedra generally can’t be trusted because, well, they’re analogous to demons. And so naturally, when the main quest revolves around an alliance between three such Daedra, some backstabbing is an eventuality.

My personal favorite Daedric Prince is Nocturnal, mostly because of her affiliation with the Thieves Guild. The Thieves Guild has such a special place in my heart because the questline in Oblivion was mind boggling for me. At the time, I’d never played anything with the depth, intrigue, and sense of badassery provided by the Oblivion Thieves Guild. The Ultimate Heist is still my favorite quest of all time from any game.

Naturally, then, I loved it when Nocturnal pulled a “screw you guys” on Clavicus Vile and Mephala and betrayed their alliance. The last act of the main quest in Summerset involves you making uneasy alliances with Vile and Mephala, traveling through their planes of Oblivion (each Prince has their own plane of “hell” called Oblivion, not to be confused with the game Oblivion), and finally culminating in an all out assault on the Crystal Tower against Nocturnal.

I loved how there were so many elements involved -- from the Psijic Order, to a knight of Meridia (Meridia is another Daedric Prince), to an Earl of Mephala, and of course, Nocturnal herself. When looked at in a vacuum without context, such a story seems like it would fall apart at the lightest touch -- but it didn’t.

All of these seemingly disparate elements combined to create one hell of a memorable final assault, resulting in brave sacrifices, conclusion of fantastic character arcs, and actual closure.

The final boss fight against Nocturnal was just incredible. The open backdrop at the top of the Crystal Tower with Nocturnal’s massive visage looming over me while I fight alone to defeat her was awe-inspiring.

It goes without saying that the main quest in Summerset is by far the best quest line I have experienced in ESO thus far. What an absolutely amazing, epic, cathartic journey!

On our live stream Saturday, my friends and I checked out a delve in Vvardenfell involved with moon sugar and potential skooma dealings. I love the intricate design of the delve, and how the story actually branched in an unexpected way.

We also took on the Forgotten Wastes dungeon in northern Vvardenfell. This was absolutely amazing. Once again, the dungeon’s design was standout. I took on the role of healer which I enjoyed and am becoming more accustomed to doing. Brian took a grave misstep and fell to his death hundreds of feet below which resulted in hilarity.

Overall, I loved my brief time in Vvardenfell. Spending time there convinced me to check out the Morrowind content next after I finish up with Summerset due to the amazing music and unique landscape. You can watch our full stream above, or a recap from guildie, Inter, below.

And that’s it for this week, fellow adventurers! I truly enjoyed the conclusion to the main quest in Summerset. The payoff and urgency were both much better when compared to Elsweyr, and for this I really loved it. Tune in again next week for more!


Poorna Shankar