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Drop the NDA!

Michael Bitton Posted:
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I felt fairly liberated and excited several weeks ago when BioWare allowed us to discuss our extensive experiences in the Game Test program for Star Wars: The Old Republic, yet it was a bit bittersweet. Many of you who are in the test were unable to discuss with other users what we were sharing with you, and this was unfortunate, as it would have definitely made for some more interesting discussion.

Recently, BioWare concluded their largest Beta Test Weekend yet, and they’re already in the process of revving up for a final big smash of a Beta Test Weekend. If you thought this past weekend was big, well it looks like everyone who has signed up for Game Testing, as well as those who never bothered, will have a chance to take the game for a spin before it launches in about a month.

Yet the NDA still stands!

Let’s face it, if you played this weekend, or your friends have played this weekend, you’ve probably seen and heard everything by now. People are talking about the whole experience hush-hush all over the place, and not so hush-hush in others. It’s reasonable to control information with a limited testing group, but with the anticipation level of the game and with how many people recently got their hands on it, it really doesn’t seem possible, if not pointless. The gurrcat is out of the bag, guys!

While we ask you to respect the NDA here on the site, it’s pretty hard to avoid running into discussions going on about the just concluded weekend, even in many highly-visible discussion boards, and frankly I’d really love to see people able to talk and share about their experiences without having to tip-toe around it. We know many of you here are eager to share, as we’ve had to remove quite a few posts and threads already, but I can tell you I’m personally looking forward to the (hopefully real soon) day you’ll get to discuss and share freely. Yes, even those of you who absolutely hated your experience with the game.

I would honestly be surprised if the NDA survives the upcoming final Beta Weekend, but that day just can’t come soon enough.

For those of you who didn’t get a chance to play this past weekend: Do you plan on participating in the final Beta Weekend? Why or why not?


Michael Bitton

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