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Dragon Quest VIII is a True Classic

Garrett Fuller Posted:
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This week we got the chance to talk to the team behind Dragon Quest VIII’s team about what is coming for the game. 3DS fans will be very excited to have their old classic PS2 game fully available to take anywhere they want. Yes, thank you mobile for bringing all the great old school games back into our hearts. For Dragon Quest fans there is a lot of exciting news as the game gets a few more characters and some great options. Finally we get to play this great title on 3DS in North America.

Red and Morrie will be joining you now as playable characters. Both have a lot of advantages which we got to see in this game play demo. Morrie has a claw and runs the Monster Arena which gives him some great summoning abilities. You can run around as Morrie too. If he gets mad enough, he will even drop down his giant Golem. Mostly he throws out his herd of cats which always makes us laugh. Morrie is high level and will be a great addition to the team. Red on the other hand is a bit untrustworthy. As a former bandit and pirate. Red brings some much needed support to the team. She always have the ability to loot NPCs or rob them depending on your point of view. She can be a great boost when going out for treasure.

Both of these characters come with a host of attacks. Red with her fans and knives, known for spreading damage around. Morrie not only uses his claw but can boost your group’s Zeal in a fight. He brings some much needed buffs to the table which can finish off opponents in a close fight.

That is not the only thing that Dragon Quest is coming with, the team was very excited to announce a Rank X Monster Arena. That is right X. So if you are hardcore enough you will have to prepare for this one. Players have experienced what it is like to get all the way to Rank S in the arena, but with this new update, the team is adding on even more. Players will have to prepare and dig deep to battle it out in this version of the arena.

In classic 3DS style, the team wanted to make full use of all the features. Players will be able to take snap shots of their characters, landscapes, and monsters. The best part is, this serves a purpose as you will be filling out Cameron’s Codex with pictures to help identify monsters. You can share and send these pictures around to your friends. The codex will eventually lead you to items in game so make sure to keep snapping those shots. You can also customize your in-game pics with stickers and different classic photo styles. Almost like a small Photoshop for the game. Players can like each other’s photos as well.

Dragon Quest VIII is a true classic. The team at Square Enix have done a great job going all the way back to the PS2. We’re very excited to show you this game play demo the team had shared with us. The video goes through some of Morrie and Red’s actions as well as shows off the picture feature. The team was reluctant to talk about some of the other updates coming to the game as they wanted to keep things for a surprise. However, just the mention of a Rank X monster arena will get players working right away. Regarded as the best game in the series, it is great to see Dragon Quest bring even more to the global audience. 


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