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Do You Enjoy MMO Esports?

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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I'm a massive fan of the fighting game community, (FGC). I always say, among the myriad events and shows I am lucky and blessed enough to cover in this job, the Evolution Championship Series, or EVO as it's known, is my favorite time of year. Think Tom and Donna's excitement on Treat Yo Self day

I love esports, especially the FGC. Other types of esports are entertaining as well. I can stay glued to a Magic: the Gathering grand prix for a weekend without letting up, or keep tabs on the League Worlds when they come around. However, one area of esports that really has not caught my attention - or really kept it for that matter - revolve around MMOs. 

Many MMOs have competitive game modes built for esports tournaments. World of Warcraft's Mythic Dungeon International comes to mind immediately, but other MMOs have competitive leagues built around their arena PvP, such as Guild Wars 2 and Final Fantasy XIV. Amazon's New World showed the potential of its War and Outpost Rush modes during its July alpha when it hosted its streamer extravaganza Battle for New World eventEVE Online is even getting back into the game, reviving its Alliance Tournament series. There is clearly a draw there for competitive play even in games known more for their grind and raiding aspects.

It's a shame too. I really want to follow these events. I want to get swept up in the excitement of seeing a Warcraft team come back from the brink of defeat and win it all, or follow when an EVE capsuleer makes an insane PvP play that seals victory for their team. I remember back when Final Fantasy XIV had their last Fan Festival here in Las Vegas - I tried so hard to follow the PvP tournament going on during the last day. It was entertaining, but I didn't leave wanting more. 

Every time I leave EVO I'm counting the days till the next one.

For me, I think the fundamental disconnect is simply the fact that in these games PvP isn't a focus of mine. I don't play WoW to arena PvP. Even in EVE, which is PvP every time you undock, I don't think of it as a game I want to PvP within. 

However, every time I boot up Street Fighter V or League of Legends, I want to be the best. I want to dominate. PvP is intrinsic to its design, therefore that's what I associate with it. 

So I pass the question off to you. Do you enjoy the various MMO Esports leagues out there, and if so why? If you don't, why not? 

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