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Diving Into the New Wizard101 Lore Spells

Seth Koenig Posted:
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The summer test realm has hit the live servers recently, and with it brought the new Beast-moon event, the Scroll of Fortune, and some other surprises! One of those nifty surprises is a brand new lore pack, the Grizzleheim Lore Pack! Within this pack, you can obtain some awesome Grizzleheim themed gear, three variants of a new Fenrir pet, and of course, three new spells! This time around, we have a Life, Myth, and Storm spell. There has been quite the talk of these, so let’s take a closer look at each and dissect all the discussion around these three spells!

First up, we have the life spell - Ratatoskr’s Spin. For ages now, life wizards (myself included!) have been wanting for a solid low pip AoE hit, and finally our wishes have come true! For 4 pips, life wizards now have a 305 - 345 damage to all enemies, which is on the same level as fire’s Meteor Strike. The reason I mention this is because usually, the power level of Life’s hits have been more in line with the balance school. Their 4 pip spell, Sandstorm, only deals 255 - 295 to all enemies. I do find it interesting how they allowed for Life wizards to have the upper threshold of damage when compared to all the other AoE spells in the gameThis is only a minor complaint compared to the other two spells

Next up, we have Grendel’s Amends for Myth wizards! When you think of healing classes, your first thoughts are instantly life and balance. Over time, the storm school got a heal that came in the form of Healing Current in Avalon! Now, we can officially add another school to that category - myth! For five pips, myth gets a single target heal for 675 health. Let’s dig a little deeper into this heal, because it has been receiving some criticisms.

At first glance, you may look straight to Satyr for comparisons and wonder why Grendel’s is 1 more pip for less heal. In other MMOs, there usually is a main healing school, and in Wiz’s case that is the Life school. While other classes may have access to a form of healing spells, the main healing classes usually have the strongest heals. By using this logic, it is of my opinion that this myth heal, while weaker compared to its closest counterpart Satyr, is fairly balanced and still useful for the myth school.

Finally, let’s talk about Hammer of Thor for Storm wizards! First off, the animation for this is my favorite out of the three by far. Storm spells have generally been pretty epic visually, and this one delivers with the thunderous entrance of the hammer! On the other hand, the spell itself may not provide to be as useful as the other two in the pack. The cleanse effect before hitting could provide to be useful in certain niche situations, but the problem starts to creep in with the damage of the spell.

In Wizard101, generally speaking, the Storm school has had the strongest damage value spells time after time. It has been known for quite some time now that storm is the main hitting school, so it comes as a shock that they would get such a downgrade in the damage department on a spell. While this spell does have some uses in fights, I do believe this won’t see quite the amount of usage the other two will see. For the Storm school, there are better options at the 5 pip slot, and the added bonus of cleansing a debuff off first still won’t push this to be a viable spell.

While new spells are always welcomed, I believe that the Life spell is the real star of this new pack. After all these years, the Life school finally gets it’s low pip AoE - and a very strong one at that. The other two will have their places within the schools, but won’t see near the use or usefulness as the other two. As always, we’d love to hear what you guys think of these new spells - feel free to sound off in the comments below!


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