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Destiny 2 PC Review In Progress

William Murphy Posted:
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Destiny 2 is finally out on the PC, and we spent a good chunk of yesterday toying around with the new shiny shooter from Bungie. There are two main gripes we have about the PC version so far, but neither are absolutely debilitating. Read on for our Destiny 2 PC review in progress...

I present to you, exhibit A in my “Destiny 2 WTF” complaints. It’s a minor issue, but I somehow hoped the ability to not do this long slow walk of zomg-I-lost-my-powers was going to be lessened or skippable.

OK, that’s really just a small complaint. There are far more pressing issues to worry about - namely, why doesn’t Clan Chat work in the game? When Destiny released, Rob and the rest of the world was confused about why the cool lore of the game was not actually in the game and instead locked in your web browser. This time, on PC, it’s Clan Chat that’s not functioning in the game. You know, that core aspect of a social community for online games?

There’s a pretty obvious reason, though it’s not one I’m content on accepting: Bungie’s Clan system does not belong to Battle.Net. So while fireteams, friends, and all of that work with your Battle.Net community, Clan Chat doesn’t. That’s only usable on the companion phone app or in the browser (that’s our MMORPG clan, if you want to join up). It’s a huge oversight, and I’m wishing that Blizzard and Bungie come to a solution that’s not half-baked sooner rather than later. 

Minus these two issues, so far everything has been smooth sailing with Destiny 2 on the PC. I am absolutely thrilled to have the uncapped framerate, 4K resolution, remappable keys, customizable settings, and so forth. As I felt back at its gameplay reveal, Destiny 2 is probably at its best on the PC. It just plays so well, and runs so great, that at least for a while I’m going to get joyously lost in this narrative.

Many have already addressed the concern of lack of content in Destiny 2, compared to the tons of content Destiny 1 built up to. And while it’s true that more content will come to Destiny 2 in time, there’s no mistaking that unless you’re a fan of the Diablo-like loot hunt, D2 is only going to last you a few dozen hours - not the hundreds we expect from traditional MMOs. And without the subscription fees or loot boxes (yet), I’m OK with this fact. I expect more and more content will come to D2, along with its first DLC expansion in a couple months. Hopefully it comes to the PC at the same time as the consoles. Until then, I’ll be happily fragging bad guys and collecting loot on my Warlock. Our full review of Destiny 2 on PC will come next week.


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