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DC Universe Online: The Witching Hour Is Upon Us

Scott Jeslis Posted:
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Since our DC Universe Online last column we’ve continued to do the dailies and weeklies for (Dark Nights) Metal Part 1. The focus has been on collecting enough Dark Metal Coins to buy the Entropic gear pieces from the event’s vendor. The Entropic gear features the "Dystopian Amazon" style inspired by Donna Troy.

The full 8-piece set will cost you as follows:

  • Head: 60x Dark Metal Coin
  • Shoulders: 56x Dark Metal Coin
  • Chest: 68x Dark Metal Coin
  • Back: 45x Dark Metal Coin
  • Hands: 34x Dark Metal Coin
  • Waist: 38x Dark Metal Coin
  • Legs: 68x Dark Metal Coin
  • Feet: 34x Dark Metal Coin

For the total cost of 403 Dark Metal Coins.

Which means a little over 4 weeks if you do all the (Dark Knight) Metal Part I dailies and weeklies each of those four weeks.

Collecting all eight of the above pieces of the Entropic gear will also unlock the "Put It On" feat. With this feat unlocked also comes the perk that gives you a 50% discount on the cost of future purchases of the Entropic gear.

There are plenty of other rewards that can be bought including tons of base items. I prefer collecting costume style pieces and I feel it’s best to always focus on one goal. You can only earn so many Dark Metal Coins in a week anyways. It seems tedious but it becomes somewhat mindless fun.

On the Nintendo Switch side of things groups for the open world dailies / weeklies are coming slower and farther between, especially during off-peak hours. Maybe the start of the Fall Seasonal Event will energize people again.

October In-Game Event

Now that October has begun, we are of course approaching Halloween. DCUO’s “treat” is favoring us with more dailies and event currency. This time in the form of the return of “The Witching Hour” event that runs through the entirety of October. The currency from this event is Spooky Bites (piles of candy corn essentially).

The Witching Hour event is the typical event format that is used for most DCUO events.

The overview of the event is “All hell has broken loose in the streets of Gotham City and inside The Midnight Masquerade Nightclub!”

There are few new rewards like the new Cat Boo, the Boo Family Pet who is ready to haunt your base, and the ability to turn into a fiery skeleton (see opening picture above).

The Witching Hour / Midnight Masquerade Club mission is a pretty painless 4-player queued event. The mission starts off by talking to the Phantom Stranger.

The Open World daily mission, based in Gotham City, is fun as well but takes some trial and error to figure out exactly what needs to be done.

You need to hunt around town for hellish portals and use powder to reveal ghostly apparitions. Absolve them and rescue terrified trick-or-treaters.

All these dailies and weeklies are certainly good fun, though tedious. At some point, if you have limited gaming time, you must decide what’s more important to you. Do you keep collecting these event rewards or keep working on raising your gear score? To be honest DCUO will always have an active ongoing event. The nice thing about these holiday events is that typically they come back the following year. While not guaranteed, eventually, this gear and their associated styles tend to become attainable some other way in game.

That’s A (Mummy) Wrap For Now

While these two events will certainly keep people busy there are a few more announced things coming in the pipeline before the Holidays, most importantly Metal Part II:

  • Current and Upcoming Events & Content
    • The Witching Hour Fall Seasonal Event
      • October 1-31, 2019
    • Bonus Dark Metal Coins Weekend
      • October 10-13, 2019
    • Season's “Greedings” Winter Seasonal Event
      • December 2019
    • Episode 36: Metal Part II
      • December 2019

(Dates are subject to change.)

Weekend events like “Bonus Dark Metal Coins Weekend” usually come out of nowhere on short notice. I would expect to see a few more of these types of events before year’s end.

While these “bonus events” are short events they are appreciated. Being over a weekend is less favorable, perhaps, for family people. I tend to play more games during the week while the weekends tend to be filled with errands, family and homeowner responsibilities.

See you again in a few weeks as we continue to grind for Dark Metal Coins and Spooky Bites!


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