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Crowd Funded Class Grab

Tim Eisen Posted:
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Since the last time we talked the CUniverse pushed through another stretch goal and it was a BIG one! Pandora’s hidden box has opened allowing stealth in all of its underhanded glory to be unchained! As if that wasn’t exciting enough CSE has unveiled a new stretch goal and two more sets of classes which means 6 new classes (9 total so far)! That was a lot of exclamation points!

With so much exciting news to talk about it was hard to narrow things down but one thing stands out among the rest…I’ve only been re-watching the new Star Wars trailer for an hour and now I have to PULL myself away, wipe the the…dust out of my eyes, tape up my click finger and hit the keys. (Not that I teared up at one minute six seconds, nope, not this fanboy) Do you have any idea how sore my finger is from clicking repeat almost as many times as I did the day the CU Kickstarter launched?

“But isn’t your column bi-weekly, and doesn’t that mean you’ve had 2 weeks to write this but you procrastinated until the last minute like always?”

I…um…CSE announced their new stretch goal which, like most crowd funded games, was another blatant cash grab! What was it you ask? Was it a cash shop? A story about the Darkside and a Jedi? Pay to win boats? LOL No! I’m kidding. This isn’t that kind of game and CSE isn’t that kind of company. I have to commend CSE for putting up a stretch goal that (hold your breath) helps make the current game-faster by hiring more programmers! Rather than tacking on “sexy and exciting” goals to get our dollars they got logical on us. Refreshing isn’t it? It even came with some of the finest promo art this side of Mos Eisley.

Darkwing Duck would approve (pours libations). Sigh, he was a superhero in a class of his own. (segue BAM!) Speaking of classes, trying to fit 6 classes into a few hundred words will be tough, especially when I spend most of my words on tangents like this one...but I’m tougher! (adjusts finger splint) It’s time to get classy!

Archers; I do love me some death from the shadows. Nothing quite like sending an arrow into the back of an enemy then running away. I consider myself an opportunistic archer and as much as I alt, I tend to spend a lot of time with archer classes so this was a big one for me.

Blackguard - I guess we can call this one the...Arcthurian? It reminds me of the target calling, back of the line high damage archer that we are familiar with. Rather fitting for the Arthurians and my own playstyle…

Winter’s Shadow – It looks like we have another alcohol fused class meaning I’m already going to be a bit biased for this one. The Shadow sounds like a sneaky sort that features some decent melee options. Out of the trio it sounds like the most well rounded Archer. Shields? Cool! Skis? Um, maybe they meant snowshoes? Paint the snow red my friends, makes for some tasty slushies!

Forest Stalker - From what I gather they are the guerilla warfare archer. Close range with high damage and the best camo. I’d wager they also recycle, don’t shave or bathe and often chant “Feel the Burn”. Having the shortest range and being a forest dweller seriously hampers my ability to run away but I love forests, you can understand my conundrum.

Heavy Fighters; I’m usually on the opposite end of the field from these guys. Outside of the GW2 warrior that I played as a ranged class I’ve never really been a fan of the heavy melee types. I generally love their armor but feel more comfortable running from the front than to it.

Black Night - I like the motto and love the lore and color. Blackguard, black knight...I’m seeing a trend here. These guys sound like the typical refrigerator with legs-slow with big power and bigger armor! Aim for the eye holes because these guys will be able to absorb a beating.

Mjolnir - Another good motto! They are named after a hammer so it makes sense. This beast sounds like the offensive rage warrior we’ve seen elsewhere. I get the sense I’ll be running from them a lot! Vikings are so badass any version of tanking that doesn’t involve offense would be shunned. Top to bottom this class is a representation of its people.

Fianna – Little known fact, their founder was Fionn mac Cumhaill which is often translated Finn MacCool, either way you read it that’s a pretty cool founder. I’m having trouble getting a feel for these guys based on what we know so far. My instincts make me think they might be the debuff type warrior. They sound faster and less armored than the other two but I’m not sure why? If anything the Mjolnir sound like the fast-light tank, then again that combined with their offensiveness might make them insta OP.

I want to take a line just to say, as always, the art for all of the concepts looks fantastic. I Love the look of CU, just enough bling without being over the top. Overall the 6 new classes sound a bit more traditional than I prefer but I have a feeling many backers are actually feeling a bit of relief for that exact reason. The nice thing about a game with so many unique classes is that the chance of finding “your” class is much higher. I’m not actually ruling anything out at this point, that would be silly, I’m just giving my thoughts on what is while we wait for what will be. I’d love to hear some of your thoughts on these classes in the comments below.


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