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Connected KI Universe: Is Prospector Zeke a Clone?

Vanessa Mythdust Posted:
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I’ve always been fascinated by complex and somewhat crazy connection theories. The Pixar Theory in particular is one that I heavily follow. Even if things don’t match perfectly, there’s just something fun about exploring what ifs and drawing dotted lines where the creators never intended them to be. Or did they?

I want to tackle something that’s been on my mind for years now. How on earth (or should I say “in the spiral”) can Prospector Zeke be in so many places at once? No matter what world you travel to, good ol’ Zeke is there waiting for you - ready to send you after more band references. How is this possible though? Well, if we work some Pixar Theory magic ... maybe there’s an answer? 

For those who are unaware, KingsIsle has recently dabbled into mobile games. While Animal Cove is the only mobile game that is pretty much confirmed to exist in the MMO universe, I have a hunch that it might not be the only one. You see, War Goonz was a mobile title that was recently shut down by KingsIsle. In that game, there’s a familiar face: a character who happens to look EXACTLY like Prospector Zeke. He is appropriately named just "Zeke” in War Goonz. 

In order for this detail to become important, you need to understand the premise of War Goonz. The game took place after the world was destroyed by meteors. The meteors were filled with goo which the survivors used to create CLONES. Is it a coincidence that a character named Zeke who looks like Wizard101’s Prospector Zeke just happens to be in a game about clones? I think not. I think it’s possible that this is a hint towards Prospector Zeke’s true secret. Is he able to travel the spiral freely and be in multiple places at once because he has, in fact, cloned himself to do so?

If you believe in connected universes, then it might be possible. However, I know that War Goonz never officially got a worldwide release. Whatever possible connection the game had pointed towards is far from canon. Yet, having played War Goonz for a short time, I find it hard to believe that including Zeke wasn’t deliberate. Fully released game or not, the bread crumbs were there. 

The funny part is, many players have used the “Zeke’s a clone” explanation as a joke for years. It may not be canon, but it’s interesting to see some sort of unofficial support for the theory. Who knows, maybe all of KingsIsle’s games are connected. Frankie Forearms does wander around the Arcanum after all ...

What do you think?


Vanessa Mythdust