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Community Art Competition, Atlas of Worlds Cloth Map & More

Suzie Ford Posted:
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Welcome back to the Exiled Tribune, a place where we keep you up to date on all the latest Path of Exile news from the developers and community. This week we take a look at the Atlas of Worlds cloth map, get the skinny on new microtransactions, blaze through the Build of the Week and much more.

Atlas of Worlds Fan Art Competition - Armor

The community once again is being given an opportunity to off its creative side with the latest iteration of the Fan Art Competition, this time themed around Atlas of Worlds and armor.

For the next three weeks, players will be challenged to create various armor looks based on Atlas of Worlds and the Essence challenge league. Eight winners will be chosen when the competition ends, each earning an armor set of choice based on the list provided on the competition’s announcement page.

Lastly, three of the eight winners will also be given a chance to have their creations turned into a customized forum avatar. How’s that for cool!

Check out the link above and be sure to submit your entry prior to October 10th.

The Latest Build of the Week

The latest Build of the Week caters to those who love to wield the power of the elements. Hitman47 has created a fantastic video to show off the BurningWarp Elementalist Witch that is laying waste to the Standard League with fiery abandon.

I've done this build for fun, to farm fast maps and prophecies, has really insane clear speed, jump in a pack and pack burn and die.. for better single target i use lvl 26 flameblast in Wyrmisgn gloves; 2x Singularity because enemies are always hindered; double curse flammability and warolord's mark, last one help you with leech and, in combo with gloves, give you rampage => more fast and funny. Nothing more to say, enjoy the video

The video gives a visual representation of the build and you can also visit the BurningWarp Elementalist forum post to get a peek at gear, the passive skill tree and more.

Atlas of Worlds Cloth Map - 10,000 Ready to Ship

Grinding Gear is ready to ship out over 10,000 Atlas of Worlds supporter pack cloth maps that should be arriving in mailboxes within the next couple of weeks. This is no small handkerchief-sized piece of cloth either as is evident by the video below. Anyone who missed out on the initial round of supporter packs can still get in on the deal by upgrading to score one of these bad boys.

Microtransactions & Carnage Mystery Boxes

This week’s microtransactions give players three new skill effects to show off with in the form of the Black Hole Vortex, the Black Hole Frost Bolt and Flare Discharge. These give players a chance to cast with style and panache.

In addition, Carnage Mystery Boxes have launched to big success. Each box can contain several microtransactions that include some of the ones mentioned in this news post: Vampiric Wings, the Carnage Armor set, Carnage weapon, Carnage body, gloves, helmet, boots and / or the AWESOME Grasping Hands Pet -- who wouldn’t want one of these? Check them all out at the link above.

That’s all for today! Check back next week for more news from Path of Exile!


Suzie Ford

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