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Collective Thinking

Vanessa Mythdust Posted:
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Some things we just can't explain. Why are we attracted to certain things? Why do we hold onto them? In every game I've ever played, I was always collecting SOMETHING. However, I don't think there was ever a particular reason why. It just seemed to happen by itself. Although, I will totally admit to being a "completionist." To the best of my ability, I like to explore everything that a game offers and leave no stones unturned. This mentality may contribute to why I find myself collecting in-game items very often.

Many players engage in collecting in Wizard101. Whether it's mounts, pets, wands, housing items, fish, treasure cards, or something else entirely ... passion among collectors runs deep. Some people go to great lengths to add to their collections and I admire their amazing determination. My collections aren't nearly as impressive as some others, but I love what I've accomplished so far.


After I started playing the game, the first thing I began to collect were the bundles. By the time I knew much about bundles, the Epic Bundle and Mega Bundle were already retired. Luckily, I actually found an Epic Bundle left behind at a Toys R Us one day. Completely shocked and aware of what I discovered, I bought it straight away. While the Mega Bundle remained hidden, I slowly accumulated the existing bundles one by one by visiting all the stores in my area. Bundle-a-Palooza came around eventually and I was quick to snatch up my missing Mega Bundle. Today, I currently have all the bundles ever released.

Beckett/Fansite Wands

Beckett's Massive Online Gamer, a now defunct magazine, used to contain very special wand codes. These wands disappeared when the magazine stopped printing, but resurfaced when each official Wizard101 fansite was assigned a different one to give away. I, like many other people, went crazy looking for site giveaways and contests to get my hands on these exclusive wands. Following many contest successes and failures, I was able to complete my Beckett wand collection in 2013. All of the wands are displayed on a wall inside my Red Barn Farm.

Unfortunately, the Beckett/Fansite wands aren't as rare as they used to be. Nowadays they can all be fished out of Zafaria's ponds. I feel a real sense of pride knowing that I completed my collection before the big change.

Teleport Tapestries

Teleport tapestries not only look cool, they are also useful! Forget the spiral door, teleport tapestries offer a shortcut to numerous areas within the spiral. There have always been many ways to obtain teleport tapestries, and I've used a few of each. Since I was already collecting bundles, the tapestry to the arena (Super Bundle) and tapestry to Caliburn (Majestic Bundle) were my first two tapestries. Shortly after, each official Wizard101 fansite was given two unique teleport tapestries to give away via contests. Most of my current teleport tapestries came from those contests. Whenever I won a duplicate tapestry, I would attempt to trade it for one I didn't have. By doing this, I successfully collected all of the fansite tapestries. But the search wasn't over! Some teleport tapestries didn't have assigned fansites and were only available through crafting. I'm still working on crafting the remaining tapestries I need, but I'm super happy with the progress I've made! All of the tapestries I currently have are lined up inside my Red Barn Farm. The collection flows into multiple rooms!

My collections aren't the most challenging out there (mad respect to all you pet collectors!), but they are an accomplishment for me nonetheless. When you're at max level and there isn't any new content, sometimes in-game hobbies like collecting will keep you interested and occupied until the next update comes. What kind of collections do you have in Wizard101?


Vanessa Mythdust