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Every once in a while, we find ourselves in a “dream house” discussion where friends ask about location, square footage, and customizations. Most recently when asked, it wasn’t that epic library room from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast that I imagined, nor was it an amazing pool or hot tub. This time, all I could picture was the perfect gaming room equipped with every type of console, tons of computers, comfy gaming chairs, and every wall showcased hundreds and hundreds of video game collectables on floating shelves and in glass cases.

Video games have become more than entertainment to me, they’ve become almost scholarly in the way that they impact and improve my life. Developers create epic storylines with these memorable characters whose backgrounds come alive in ways we can relate to and share. Video games leave an impression, a legacy.

In the Transcending MMOs with Transmedia column, I touched on how much the character Arthas has meant to me. As that rose petal fell into Arthas’ hand during the Warcraft 3 expansion cinematic, the whole scene looked picturesque. And in the next moment, his actions riveted me. Thinking of the juxtaposition between that rose petal and what comes next still gives me chills.

When characters really impact our lives it’s awesome to have options to commemorate them like with a collectible statue. I’ve been slowly building up my collection of video game characters, even though my place is limited with its too few shelves and display space. But last week was extra special. Last week, Arthas came in and I had to make room.

This got me thinking about all the other MMO characters that impact our lives. Do they have collectables? I’ve searched and found a few from MMOs like Final Fantasy and Guild Wars 2, but nowhere near the amount I thought I would.

Which MMO characters have really impacted you and which would you like to see come to life in a glorious statue? Have you found a developer that offers great quality collectibles? I’d like to know more about what’s out there and the best places to look, so I was thinking we could join forces. ;)

For the next few weeks let’s celebrate collectables. Every week I’ll post pictures on my FB author page with my collectable statues, and I invite you to post yours, too! Let’s swap stories and discuss our wish list items. If you don’t have time to post them yourself, you can email them to me (genese at genesedavis dot com) and I’ll feature them on your behalf.

I love hearing from you! Find me on Twitter and at GeneseDavis.com. Until then: Game hard, and lark your life. <3

Every week, Holder’s Dominion author Genese Davis opines about MMO gaming, the issues the genre faces, and the power of shaping online worlds.

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Genese Davis

Genese Davis / Bimonthly, The Holder’s Dominion author Genese Davis opines about video games, the issues the industry faces, and the power of shaping online worlds. Find her on Twitter @GeneseDavis and GeneseDavis.com