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Changes Ahead for WvW

David North Posted:
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Like many MMOs out there, Guild Wars 2 focuses on the PvE experience because most players want to explore new worlds and accomplish amazing feats that they normally couldn’t in real life.  Still, there are players who prefer to do battle against others instead.  That’s why most games still offer a PvP experience.  Often these players can feel left out, because the PvP related updates are few and far between.  But in a way, that’s what makes it so exciting!  September is going to be huge for the PvP community!

Like any patch, or feature in a game, there’s a chance that it won’t actually bring any big change.  We’ve been told that there will be changes to WvW and PvP in September, but how big of an impact will they actually have?  Things are looking pretty good, considering that they are actually interrupting the Living World to throw this feature out there.  Plus it’s timed perfectly for the International All-Stars Tournament!  It’s great when PvP is the center of attention!

PvP gets really intense!

As of right now, at the time that I’m actually writing this, we know very little about the changes the September Feature will bring.  We do know that changes to character models will go into effect, creating standard models so that players can tell what’s actually going on.  PvP is also getting some exclusive armor!  I have a feeling that I need to get back into the arena.

I’ve given PvP a try, and it is fun.  It’s also insanely fun to watch, but I’m more into the large scale battles.  I love to use siege weapons to bring down enemy forts, and clash with opposing armies in epic fashion!  There’s so many changes the new feature could bring, and it’s killing me that they still haven’t spilled the beans!

Since we have no idea what changes are in store, there’s no harm in hoping for things, right?  Since PvP will get some exclusive armor skins, I think it’s only fair that WvW also has something exclusive as well.  How about some weapon skins!  The ones from the tournament were actually pretty bad, so we still need something flashy and epic looking.  The reward tracking in both game types is very different, but maybe reaching a certain rank in WvW can unlock some nice skins, rather than silly chest rewards that just give you worthless greens. 

This is pretty neat armor design!

I would love to see some new ways of communication open up for WvW to.  Communication between a commander and their army is insanely important.  In the past I mentioned having in game voice chat options for commanders only.  This is probably impossible.  Instead, what if the commander could issue out commands using the map.  For example, a commander opens up the map, and double clicks on an enemy keep that they are heading towards to attack.  A large message appears for all team members telling them to go and strike at the chosen keep. 

The same could be done if a commander clicked on a friendly base for commands such as to build siege, or to defend.  These types of commands can let players get a better glimpse into the tactics of a commander, instead of being left in the dark.  Sure many servers use teamspeak, but most players won’t use it.  The game itself should offer an effective way for players for commanders to issue out commands. 

I love the Edge of the Mist map!  It’s possibly one of the best looking maps in the entire game!  Currently PvE players love this map because it gives away karma, and WvW experience by the truckloads, but it has no real upside if your side wins.  Most players in WvW don’t use this map because it feels like a wasted effort.  So what can be done to make the EotM more important?  New siege engines!

One thing that bothers me about Guild Wars 2, is that there are some pretty wicked looking tanks in the Black Citadel, that could probably do some serious damage to a fortress.  There is also a huge lack of actual moving siege weapons, even though nearly all of them have wheels!  I think awarding the winning side with some awesome siege tanks would be a much nicer reward than just supplies, that are dumped right on top of the supplies you already have.

September is going to be a very exciting month for those of us who take part in the competitive play styles of Guild Wars 2.  I know I’m pretty pumped about the new standard character models for PvP, so that I can now tell what is actually going on!  Plus the PvP community is now going to receive some exclusive armors, which means I may have to get back into it.  Now to see what’s in store for WvW.  I’m keeping my fingers crossing for the siege tanks! 

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