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Tim Eisen Posted:
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Watching videos of players that manage to get through Skyrim and Fallout 4 playing as a pacifist is both astonishing and an example of my favorite thing about humans, our creative ingenuity. These determined gamers refuse to accept what is laid before them, instead they bend the game to their will and rewrite it on their terms. It got me thinking, could PVErs do the same in a game as PVP focused as Camelot Unchained? I think it might be possible, but to do so requires us taking a new look at an old term. Players vs Environment, not Player’s vs NPCs-not entirely.

What environment is more challenging than a PVP one? “But I don’t PVP” I’m not talking about PVPing, I’m talking about surviving in the environment PVP creates. I’m talking about PVE in that already challenging environment, the likes of which few games have offered. The likes of which I think Camelot Unchained might.

I’m not trying to sell anyone by spinning a concept. I’m genuinely asking PVErs, does that challenge call to you? Camelot Unchained won’t have typical PVE but it will have NPCs such as Veil abominations, animals, guards, helpers, monsters and even spirits. While they won’t drop gear they will have resources via scavenging and skinning (well, maybe skinning a guard isn’t such a good idea). For a PVP game that sounds like a fair amount of PVE material. Fighting it might be fun, fighting it while trying not to get sucked into PVP sounds challenging if not maddening! Where else might a PVP averse player look for some PVE in CU?

The Depths is a massive PVP dungeon that features PVE. Some of it, such as NPCs to kill, will be familiar. Some of it is environmental with crafters laying and disabling traps and some of it is PVPNPC with players possibly taking over NPCs! Unfortunately, you won’t have much luck getting through the Depths unless you can hire some elite mercenaries to escort you, I’d guess you’re out of luck.

So far it’s looking pretty grim. Maybe the PVP environment in Camelot Unchained is unescapable, I certainly hope it is. If it was up to me, we wouldn’t even have safe starter zones! But fortunately for some of you it’s not nor will it ever me up to me. I’m just posing a question and looking for answers.

Maybe those answers aren’t in the Depths and maybe they aren’t roaming the wilds looking for the rare and random NPCs to kill. Maybe they are a bit closer to home. I’ve asked you to reconsider the environment, and that still applies here, but let’s reconsider PVNPCs as well. Maybe you aren’t fighting them, maybe you are raising them.

Enter the Camelot Unchained crafter but when I say crafter let’s not think about grinding out items. As I’ve addressed in prior columns there is more than meets the eye to crafters in CU. In this game crafters are extremely important, extremely diverse and going to be facing extreme survival. If a player chose, writing this pains me, they could spend their entire care free crafter life in a safe city with their allies bringing them resources from which they could craft goods and level their character, or maybe run a little shop, but that’s the easy way out. I seek the PVErs that are bold enough to face the wilds, and clever enough to survive them.

They could focus on building. From houses to barriers to siege equipment players could live in a town out in the wilds and build things for players to march to battle, but I’m looking for something more…exciting? Remember I’m searching for the Player vs NPC feel while trying to avoid actual PVP!

They could mine or even group mine and/or haul their goods. That sounds a little more interesting and it certainly has a following as seen in EVE Online but to me fighting rocks and minerals just wouldn’t scratch the itch. Hauling is more or less running away in slow motion with lots of valuable stuff, for a player that is trying to avoid PVP I’d imagine it’s one of the worst ways to do it, which is exactly why I happen to love it!

Gathering, farming and ranching might be your best shot, especially if, as I hope, your crops and ranches attract NPCs looking for a snack (and that means you and your livestock too). It might be a means to an end and it might be the niche within the PVP a PVEer could carve out for themselves. You would still exist within the larger PVP environment but you would likely set up your homestead quite a distance from the battlefront. It might not be frequent PVE, but it might be enough to satisfy your needs. It’s hard for me to say both because CU is so far off and because I’m not one of you, at least not most of the time.

I’m the guy on the other side of the map who hopes guys like you play CU. I hope you set up a beautiful sprawling homestead with a tall crop and large flock. I hope you attract and harvest all kinds of NPCs. I hope you enjoy your niche as much as I hope to someday come upon it. It’s at that point where your resolve will be tested. If you were clever enough to exist within this environment are you determined enough to rebuild after losing everything? Deep down I like to think even the staunchest PVEer would get a thrill from gathering their goods and racing their flock back toward safety as the fires in the distance fill the horizon with smoke. I know I would, would you?


Tim Eisen

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