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CCP Removes EVE Online CSM Member After Alleged NDA Leak

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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EVE Online is never without its drama. Player fueled vendettas, propaganda and sabotage are commonplace. It also never ceases to be driven by the actions of its players. However, sometimes even those actions have to be reined in by CCP, which happened today.

On a Dev Blog by CCP Dopamine, the EVE Online creators announced the removal and lifetime ban of one of its members of the Council of Stellar Management, Brisc Rubal. According to the post, Rubal was “found to be sharing confidential information with a member of his alliance that was later used by another alliance member to conduct illicit in-game transactions.”

From the sounds of it, Brisc Rubal - whose real name is Brian Schoeneman - was allegedly involved in sharing NDA information for the purposes of insider trading. Schoeneman wasn’t shy about his real life job as a Republican lobbyist, so it’s interesting to see something like this happening given his position, especially how damaging something like this could be to his real life reputation.

For his part, Schoeneman has denied any wrongdoing.

When reached for a statement, Rubal simply stated that once he gets “some actual information about what the charges are, [he’ll] have more to say.”

Earlier today he appeared on the Talking In Stations Twitch stream where he categorically denied any wrongdoing, knowingly or unknowingly.

When reached for comment, CCP Games had the following to say: For privacy reasons, CCP does not engage discussion regarding action taken against a player’s game accounts. In this instance, given that the player in question was a member of the Council of Stellar Management, it is in the interests of the wider community that we confirm action was taken.

Any further details regarding the situation remain the business of the player in question and CCP Games. Please see this dev blog for the statement that was issued to the EVE Community.

It’ll be interesting to see how this story develops, especially as many capsuleers are eager for CCP to provide information regarding the evidence behind such a move. However, it may never come out exactly what was found that caused the CSM to move against one of its own members, as discussed in the blog post. We’ll update this story if/when more information becomes available.


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