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Castle Uses For The 'Decorating Challenged'

Vanessa Mythdust Posted:
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There are some VERY talented and dedicated housing decorators in the KingsIsle community. Me? I'm certainly not one of them. I envy people who can see a blank canvas within castle walls. All I see is storage space. So, you can imagine my awe when I visit other houses with decorations dangling from ceiling to floor. Some people even recreate iconic movie sets or special occasions. If you're one of those people, then you're awesome! However, if you're "decorating challenged" like me, you'll be happy to know that there are a few other uses for your castle other than a pretty tour destination.

1. A Plant's Paradise

Probably one of the more popular in-game side hobbies is gardening. Depending on the plants you choose to grow, gardening can yield fantastic rewards such as mega snacks, reagents, pet snacks, and treasure cards. Players can easily dedicate a portion (or multiple portions) of their castle to a garden. In fact, the Red Barn Farm and Botanical Gardens houses supply plant "likes" that make the seeds grow faster. However, if you're not interested in gardening rewards, perhaps being a plant collector will tickle your fancy. I've encountered multiple people who are on a mission to collect and display one of each seed in their home. All you have to do is plant them, take care of them, and then never harvest them once they reach elder stage.

2. A Pet Graveyard

Did you know that I've NEVER trashed a pet in Wizard101? Yeah, I know ... my friends think I'm crazy. Hundreds upon hundreds of pets are littered throughout my bank, backpack, and many houses. Some of those pets were drops that I never bothered to train, but most of them resulted from hatching failures. That's why I've jokingly referred to my houses as "pet graveyards" - they're the home to all of my abandoned pet projects. All of those poor furry souls forgotten and tucked into a corner. I suppose if you're more of an optimist you could say it's a petting zoo.

3. A Gauntlet Destination

Not everyone has access to housing gauntlets, so being that one friend who does has its perks. If you have the means, consider creating an "entertainment hub" - one place where you and all your friends can meet up and complete gauntlets. My hub is located in my Red Barn Farm. Not only is it super convenient, but it also gives party-goers something to do when they're visiting.

4. A Party Place

Speaking of parties, who says you need a decorated house to have fun? Wizard101 has three party minigames that castle owners can purchase or craft: Scavenger Hunt, Tag, and Food Fight. You can also create your own party events by piecing together a maze, using in-house duel circles, or putting on a fashion show. Your options are limitless.

5. A Means of Getting Around

All castles have a spiral door for quick world access, but you can go a step further. Teleport Tapestries, wall hangings which transport you to a specific place in the spiral, are always an efficient option. Although they used to be exclusive prizes from official Wizard101 fansites, most tapestries are now craftable. Collect as many as you can and line them up for an impressive (and useful) display.

Have any other ideas? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


Vanessa Mythdust