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Cars and Gliders and Boats, Oh My

Jeffrey Lerman Posted:
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Hey, we've got five ships, we can take these guys, right... right? Nope, next thing you know three experienced pirate ships arose and took these guys down plundering their loot. If you're going sailing, be sure to be ready for an encounter if it's not a safe zone! Or even make sure to sail at a certain time when you think there may be less pirates sailing the seas. Just remember, pirates may be thinking the same thing in order to catch you by surprise.

There are three more ships left, the Warship, The Black Pearl, and Fishing Boat. The Warship is as one would imagine, strong, powerful, and slow. It can carry four trade packs, which is better than nothing if you're going in a certain direction anyway. While at Mirage Island I actually jacked a Warship to sail around for a bit just for an idea of how it worked. It certainly was slow but it was cool none the less, especially since it's probably a way's off! I sailed back to where it was anchored though being the good person I am. Moments after I started sailing away I saw in the faction chat someone asking why people are always taking their ship when it's ported. I of course got a chuckle out of that! The Black Pearl ship is supposedly like the warship but modified for speed and storage.

Last but not least is the Fishing Boat. Guess what, it's for fishing! You wouldn't have thought, I know, with the fishing part in the name and all. Simply put, the fishing boat is specialized for sport fishing. It can hold several large fish and has a sonar radar for detecting large fish schools in the area. If you're going to be doing a lot of fishing, then the Fishing Boat is a necessity.

I'll try to cut it short with the rest of the transportation that was mentioned in the blog. There are a few steampunk vehicles for driving around quick. The Farm Wagon which is rather slow but can carry four trade packs, whereas roadsters have high speeds and transport up to two trade packs. Worldgates placed by Hereafter stones allow you to travel between certain locations, it's a one way portal, although others can use it as well. Last but not least are the two transport routes out of your hands. Carriages are on a set route which allow you to hop on with your trade pack and follow it to wherever you need to go. There are also airships that fly between two designated towers and if you so choose you can jump off mid flight. You can risk the fall damage to your plummeting death or glide off of it. If you have a trade pack, just remember you can't glide away without losing it!

Outside of discussing transportation I still haven't done anything advanced with sailing, crafting, or PvP. So unfortunately I can't really discuss those in great detail. Whenever I'm playing I always hear people talking about farming and often trying to find good places to farm for what resources they need. Usually you'll hear people say farming trees is the best way for lumber, otherwise you'll be wandering aimlessly and have to steal from other people. Then there's stone which people are always looking for in great quantity. As I've been playing I've been questing and following the questline to get introduced to what ArcheAge has to offer. After chatting with a few people a lot have said that the questing isn't what makes ArcheAge a fun MMORPG. Granted everyone will enjoy what they enjoy about MMORPGs regardless. Instead they were saying it comes down to really making your own fun. In which they leaned much more toward the sandbox elements of ArcheAge. Along with sailing into epic naval battles.

I joined a guild recently in hopes of being able to shove myself into some of those cool features, but it hasn't quite paid off yet. As far as crafting goes, I understand that it's great as it can get you plenty of the things you need as well as giving you high quality equipment. Right now all I've done is kind of pick at clovers, flowers, and hack away at whatever ores I come across. It generally comes down to where I'm questing and what's available. Then I'll end up smelting and whatnot once I get back to a town with the necessary workshops.

I've overheard from a few people that 30 is when you can look into PvP'ing. Although I've also heard countless times that ArcheAge doesn't prevent you from doing anything by your level. You can do anything right off the bat, it just might be difficult I'd imagine if you're trying to get a resource with tons of monsters 10 times your level right next to you. My currently goal is still to get a ship and to get into what ArcheAge has PvP wise. Personally, I think the Pirate life may be calling out to me.

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