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Camelot Unchained: Just Before This Week

Tim Eisen Posted:
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Just before this week's Camelot Unchained “Top Tenish” list of developments lands let’s parse through last weeks to see what we can decipher from the dev speak!

Testing: Last week Nuada Prep (the server) featured almost daily testing featuring brand new code. Features tested included building damage, stability and updates to tab targeting behavior as well as some UI adjustments. As seen in the images within this column the faction home Islands saw some love via new assets that are beginning to give each realm its own unique flavor. Most notable these assets were the result of CSE working with the building brigade – a group from within the CUniverse! The dream of dev and fan walking hand in hand through the kingdom of crowd funding is a reality, or a nightmare. To be determined!

Building Destruction: We mmorpgers have long dreamed a dream lit not from the sun but from the flaming ruins of our enemies’ empires smoldering within an open world, our generation will see that dream fulfilled.

Building Stability: Why have buildings without structural ai? These aren’t just scripted breaks and canned animations, these buildings with have structural integrity to consider. Aim those catapults well.

Tech - Lights: Why have fancy buildings if you can’t see them burn? Lighting has been enhanced, I assume that includes fire light. Question, when a tree burns does a TDD mourn the loss of an ancestor?

Tech - UI - Inventory Bug fixes: The inventory is starting to resemble...wait for it...an inventory! Complete with stuff for the inventory and inventory things too! Its what the internet dreams of, stuff and things housed within on singe facility.

WIP Design - Mages Mage classes are starting to be fleshed out. As seen in the dev previews players have been firing all manner of spell looking things at one another forever. It’s nice to see that finally coming under one roof in an official class. I can’t wait for the melee is OP vs ranged is OP arguments when these fire starters begin torching their foes.

Art - WIP - Death Animations and FX: Work continues on special death animations, no word yet if any of them involve fire - from a collapsing building! Hint, they should.

Art - WIP - Battle Music:  Do younger gamers still listen to game music or effects or are their ears filled with a continuous stream of gibberish from Discord? I’m too old for that stuff. When I hear YouTube celebrity I think - Bob Saget did it first. /shrug

Art - Characters: Characters 2.0 work continues. My personal hope is to see an extreme amount of physical difference between every race and being this is a Mark Jacobs branded game I assume we will. Question for the people (that’s you); is it worth making unique races if most players play the most human races anyway?

That’s a wrap for this week. It wasn’t my usual schtick, but I’ve been compromised! No, I didn’t land on the pay roll of big publishers, a boy can dream though…Below prior columns my love of MMORPG’s has been called into question at times. It’s no secret that in recent years I spend far more time reading about them than playing them or any game for that matter. I wanted to make clear I wrote this while bedridden, post-surgery.

I don’t say that for empathy or as an excuse, I just wanted to remind the millions, and the Tim means millions, of MMORPG.com readers that I love to hate and hate to love and sometimes even love to love these masochistic games as much as they do. What did I want to do post-op? Play a MMORPG! Lacking one worthy enough for my foggy brain to fail at I turned to the next best thing, writing about a MMROGP! (Foggy brain and failing included!)

There’s my inner monologue, I was worried I’d lost it. (Hurm, I was gone…maybe his meds are wearing off...) Glad to see its still here keeping me honest. (Glad! I’ve been too lenient, time to step up my game!) It’s not as dramatic as it sounds. The surgery was minor and reclined with a keyboard in our lap is the natural state of many within the MMORPG species after all. See you in the CUniverse.


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