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Bring On Siege Perilous!

Tim Eisen Posted:
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It feels like it’s been ages! In reality it was only a couple of weeks but since a lot of things happened with Crowfall, and since a couple of weeks is roughly 300 years in internet time I can’t help but feel a bit behind on the curve. Maybe it’s all the food and booze from the spring rebirth festival but my head is in a fog. Let’s take a look at what I’ve missed over the last couple of weeks and see if we can’t clear up some that.

While not a phylogenetic tree of life, this is a pretty darn cool looking tree! I assume it’s either fall or an Irish tree, either way the glowing red leaves (I was just informed that this tree has orang leaves and that I have been calling orange things “red” for as long as anyone can remember, the fabric of my soul is crumbling at this revelation) look majestic while the Burtonesque branches bring a sense of dread. What are those things hovering from the center? Is anyone else getting a “hand” vibe from this thing? I’ve come back to it several times now just to study it further, something about it just keeps calling to me.

Concept art love aside (don’t worry it makes sense later), I’m going to use the magic of bullet points to cover way too much for such a small column in an effort to touch on several things then leave lots of room for the thing I’m way too excited about! Here’s a hint, it has to do with that red (orange) tree!

The UI got even cleaner. It was working for me as it was, making it better is, well, better. If its lacking one thing right now it’s that it doesn’t feel like it fits the vibe of the game just yet, but the frosting comes after the cake is done and if you put it on too soon it melts. I think we will see the UI get some frosting before launch but as is, it’s clean, organized and feels organic.

I love the action poses of the Ranger’s icons! I don’t love the colors of the Ranger’s icons. Maybe it’s the season but I just keep thinking of rainbows and men in bunny costumes that lay eggs, I mean, what kind of rabbit lays an egg? What are we teaching younglinges? It’s just…awkward and uncomfortable which is exactly what such a “springy” color palette says about what is, as I see her, an assassin! Then again she is kind of springy and light on her feet so maybe I’m just now noticing the obvious book flying over my head?

Speaking of the red headed beauty (or is it orange too? cries), the ranger looks like my kind of class-ranged! She also wields a bow and arrow, which is generally one of my favorite class weapons. Yep, you figured it out, I like playing classes that can take in the view of the chaos, shoot mostly dead people, then run away before they get mauled! Her attack function, as displayed, is done with efficient, smart and effective mouse and keyboard use (like all of the classes seen so far).

I liked what I saw but I have 2 concerns, one is how it will “feel” to walk the line between traditional FPS and “MMO ranged” shooting. The other is how to balance the ranged and melee abilities. A lot of MMO developers have a hard time with a single class that is effective with both ranged and melee so I always have that concern for these classes regardless (fondly remembers ranged vs melee patches swinging combat in SWG). Other than that she looked fast, fleet footed, sharp and accurate. They even show some of her evasions, my favorite kind of fighting moves-unfighting ones! No doubt I’ll be jumping into the next test that’s available to see how effectively she can run away from combat.

Did you guys see the developer guy playing Crowfall with a controller? Yes please! (ducks rotten fruit)

Roughly a year ago I remember thinking, who is this “Pann” person. She is supposed to be a community manager. Some say she started with UO. Nobody believed she was real. Nobody ever saw her or knew anybody that ever moderated directly with her, but to hear the EVE community tell it, anybody could have fallen under her spell. You never knew. That was her power. The greatest trick Pann ever pulled was convincing the world she didn’t exist. And like that, poof. You’re banned! 

Sigh, even my bullet points get long winded! I don’t’ have a lot left for Siege Perilous but I think I have enough. What is it? It’s the scaled down siege testing map that ACE will use to figure out how siege in CF will work. It involves 2 factions, good old Order (defending of course) VS Chaos (attacking of course). If Chaos breaks into the castle and burns down the pretty red (orange) Tree of Life, they win. If Order either A. defends for the game duration or B. sneaks out and burns the 3 Banewood trees, they win.

Yes, on the surface the description sounds like a typical WOW, small scale instanced PVP map but it has to be at this point, its early! What is learned from Siege Perilous will then be scaled up for the larger open world PVP game that we all so desire! Why am I so excited about it? Catapults, destructible walls, sieging a keep and most importantly for a hauling fiend like me, testing some early tech for caravans! You’ve read my (rough) description, and maybe you read ACE’s (much better) description, any predictions for how the first few plays of Siege Perilous will go? Let me know in the comments below and maybe, just maybe I’ll throw my own predictions down there with you common folks! I mean loyal readers - all two of you.


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