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Bowman's Star Trek Online Corner: Mirror of Discovery Edition

Christopher Bowman Posted:
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When there are signals coming from a planet in the galaxy who are you going to call to investigate it? In my case Captain Shinzor, a level 65 Tactical Captain. Aboard my Engle-Class Mirror Escort Carrier, I traveled to a planet you all should know by now, Pahvo. The same mysterious planet that we see live in Star Trek: Discovery, is subject to some strange readings emanating from an Ion Storm in space.  What is this the new Star Trek from JJ Abrams? No, it’s something worse.

Well if you haven’t played it, or guessed what I am talking about, then you will want to jump back into Star Trek Online for the Mirror of Discovery update. It launched back in January and I have played around with the missions a couple of times myself. The level of difficulty is scaled based on the level of your Captain as well. I tried the mission the first time as a level 65 and it was very difficult, but I tried it again on my level 30 Discovery Captain and it went much easier. It was still a little harder than other missions, but I was able to defeat it easier than at level 65.

Upon entering the Pahvo system you will have to determine where the electronic disturbance is coming from. This is a fairly simple task at first until you find out what is making the disturbance. Out of nowhere comes a ship named the I.S.S. Discovery, as well as a horde of Klingon ships. You are immediately contacted for assistance with the Klingons. You quickly dispatch the enemy ships and are beamed aboard the Discovery to assist with boarding parties, and other spins on the story. You eventually meet Captain “Killy” as she has been dubbed, and you don’t know if you want to trust her or love her as a character. All that being said and done will complete the first of a two-episode arc.

The second mission puts you on the surface of the planet Pahvo as you try to discover what the Discovery crew is trying to do to the planet. You will find out that they are trying to basically torture the planet with their agonizer machines. You have to disable machines and place uncontaminated crystals where the machines are. You will hear from the Pahvans in this mission so beware. After you make your way through the level you will find Tilly at the center of a cavern trying to do something with the crystalline structures of Pahvo. Stop her at all costs and help to send the Discovery back to their own universe, and time period.

With the update, we also received a code for the Engle-Class Mirror Escort Carrier to try out. It was a one-time code provided by PR to allow us to test it out for this article. This carrier is a tier 6 ship and it allows you to launch the shuttlecraft that we see in Star Trek: Discovery today. The sleek look that we all love from that time period of the show in an updated form. I will tell you one thing, the way the new ships were designed is amazing. This runs into talking about the show and the game in all honesty. As far as the carrier is concerned you can claim it at level 50 and then upgrade it at level 65 for better stats. The Engle turns pretty well for a carrier, but it is an escort also. This gives you a better feel in a fight and you are not slow like a Cruiser or Dreadnought. It has five forward weapon slots and two rear slots, which means a lot of front-facing fights with a little bit of a loss when you have to spin around behind someone. Below you will see the Engle in action with some of my own gameplay video.

Overall, the entire Mirror of Discovery update has been pretty fun, and they have added more than just the missions and the one ship. Go and discover what else is available for you in this free update. Enjoy your time in the vastness of space, fly around, and go on some away missions. This review has been based on the PC version through the ARC updater, but the mode is available on Xbox and PlayStation as well.


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