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Black Desert Online - Farming Up Gear

Avery Cohen Posted:
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Hello Everyone! So myself and my group hit level 58 and as a result we wanted give you a bit of an update on our progress while exploring Black Desert Online. We have been farming for our gear, which many sources have told us to shoot for DUO/TRI, TRI if we want to do PvP any time soon. So, we are mad grinding, but unlike some of my buds, I can’t grind 4-6 hours in hopes to make a couple mil to buy one piece of gear, so I had to look into other options in the game to earn some dough.  Looking around, BDO had a few ways to earn while AFK but only two stand out: AFK fishing and Workers Empire. I’m on to the next “Grind” of the game, but in a totally different way.


Gearing Fast

So, the first thing I needed to know, was what gear to get and how to quickly get it to start enjoying world boss farming and PvP. Luckily BDO has a diverse class-base community discords, that are chalk full of information, while some are better organized than others. All sources pointed to getting at least TRI (+18) gear, which is near the “soft” cap of gear. Duo (+17) is usable to gear up and costs significantly less due to their crafting system, I’m still learning. However, DUO gear only gets you ready to start farming World Bosses, which can be hit and miss in terms of rewards if you don’t have a solid guild to knock out the timers with. This is also dependent on servers, so some timers, I likely can’t make due to you know, real life. This meant I had to investigate other ways to earn money, so I could just buy my TRI gear straight from the Auction.

Looking into Fishing, it became quickly an option, but takes a significant amount of investment, to include purchasing of inventory space to make viable. Majority of fishing is trying to get the good catches to sale on the Auction House or to vendor for large pay-outs after half a day of fishing. To do this, you either need to get another character through the main story line and try to beef up your warehouse storage as much as possible or make a low-level toon and buy inventory space. Overall, this may be something I explore later, but the immediate pay off was not in site for this method.


Thus, my research led me to Workers Empire strategies, in which you make a loop of workers to earn money for you. To make this solid, you must unlock nodes, meaning you must start doing side quests which is great at level 58, because quest rewards scale to your level. Now keep in mind, once you unlock nodes and focus your most efficient workers on longer routes that are all timed based. This also means you need a lot of “energy” which is the way you invest in conversations with NPCs. Now this may seem a lot more in depth than AFK fishing and it is, but once you make the investment, it’s a lot less maintenance down the road.


Week 3 Overall

Overall, it’s been fun grinding and it’s a nice break from AOE farming monsters and doing rifts. Sadly, it feels that while BDO rewards players for playing very often, taking time away from the game seems to push you back with your in-game goals. With the holidays approaching, I hope to invest more time into the game and get past this uphill grind, but for now, my group will be simply working on getting our full set of TRI gear and hopefully participate in more of the guild/community events in the game.


Avery Cohen