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Tim Eisen Posted:
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In this week’s Camelot Unchained (CU) update City State Entertainment (CSE) brought us another small update with a bit of big news sprinkled in for those of us paying close attention. Not being one that generally pays close attention (to anything and certainly not for very long) I almost missed it myself!

C.U.B.E. is rounding out nicely. People will be able to build some really incredible things (even round things) for people like me to burn, or at least watch burn from as far away as I can be, just close enough to walk into range, shoot some arrows towards backs and walk out again...I mean, that is something a player could do, just to annoy other players working on burning something big to the ground. Me, I just casually travel along, hauling my fantastic clothing from town to town. Keeping to myself mostly.

“What’s in the wagon box Tierless?”


“You’re acting nervous, like you got bodies in there or something, what’s in the box…oh no, it IS bodies isn’t it?”


“Why do you have bodies in there AGAIN? You looted them-just leave them on the field man, what is wrong with you?”

“The river is just over the…I mean…I’m hauling them to the…Uh, I don’t…I don’t have bodies in there”

“Wha…I don’t even…you JUST said…”

(logs out-in effect running away like a pro, even from his own realm mates)

It turns out unboxing videos are a thing, and that many people like watching other people open boxes of things because they lack better things to do and/or unbox themselves. I was probably close to solving the hyperspace conundrum, then I learned about unboxamania, and it pushed hyperspace out into the black morass of lost knowledge where it shall remain forever suspended in the purgatory of the unknown. Sorry folks, but like you I’m running 200k year old hardware here, Johnny Neomonic I am not.

What did City State Entertainment unbox? An Oculus Rift. Yeah, we all know that eventually we will jack into games like the Matrix and I can’t wait. In fact, it sounds like a great way to be once I reach retirement home age, where upon I will jack into a game where I simply play a younger version of myself but better looking and wittier and rich/famous/Pulitzer Prize winning or maybe I’d settle for the Man Booker Prize simply because the award’s name sounds sexist and despite obvious conclusions has nothing to do with booking men (wonders if it has something to do with booking pro wrestling).

Until then, and hopefully that won’t be for a while yet, I’ll sit here, cling to my shotgun, my Trump card, my keyboard, my mouse and BY GOLLY my monitor like the stubborn old change averse gaming vet that I am! According to CSE their stance has not changed and they don’t plan to utilize the Rift for CU at this time. They do however plan to see how it works with C.U.B.E. which is great because it will make it even MORE heart wrenching when “Cubbers” structures burn in 3-d! Mooohahahahahhah cough cough hack, cough…

It was at this point where the CU update said “in terms of Camelot Unchained”. To be honest that sent a shiver up my spine! I get the importance of C.U.B.E., I get why it needs to be built first but I REALLY hope CSE is staying on target and not getting C.U.B.E. fever. I’m probably just reading too much into it and being a paranoid gamer (looks at MMORPG history), ok so maybe not a paranoid gamer but a typical MMORPGer, so I have to worry because worrying is what I’ve been conditioned to do! THANKS MMORPGs! I view C.U.B.E. as the legs on the body of Camelot Unchained, not a game in itself, part of what helps CU stand on its own but what do I know? (less than a lot and more than nothing but just barely)

­­Lastly CSE knocked out 23 old cards with 80 completes and 4 new cards with 31 completes in their user stories, which as I say, is often where the best information is hidden. Unfortunately, I’m lazy so feel free to read all of it then post it below my column so I can rea…ya know, on second thought, who reads these days? If you make a video I’ll liste…ya know what, who wants all that ear mileage? That is a lot of hearing to get through. Heck we can probably put on a Rift and absorb words! So make me a…rift ride? And I’ll jack into one…or something, and like, absorb the info like Johhny Neomonic.

(glances at user story notes)

Arthurian: First pass layout Arthurian home island: rough pass procedural mods.- Completed Second pass layout Arthurian home island: large terrain landmarks. (Mountains, ridges, lakes, etc.)- Completed

Viking:  First pass layout Viking home island: rough pass procedural mods.- Completed Second pass layout Viking home island: large terrain landmarks. (Mountains, ridges, lakes, etc.)- Completed

TDD: First pass layout TDD home island: rough pass procedural mods.- Completed Second pass layout TDD home island: large terrain landmarks. (Mountains, ridges, lakes, etc.)- Completed”

That…is…exciting! In fact, that is EXTREMELY exciting! For the record I’m guessing the term “island” barely applies if these areas match the map concept above! The starting islands look massive! What this means is the game is starting to resemble a game, no, THE game! You remember the one! The game we’ve all been patiently (some less than others) waiting for! I can’t wait to see how each realm looks, assuming each one will fit the aesthetics of that realm. I was going to talk about the 3-D printing CSE had done but frankly, this is a high note and a heck of a note to end on. Go forth, imagine what those starting islands will look like and thanks for reading!


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