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Best Survival MMORPGs to Play in 2024

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Survival games are available in droves these days but very few games have been able to successfully mix the genre with MMORPG elements. While there are very few true MMOs with survival-style gameplay, some developers have managed to find a happy balance between both genres. You get the full survival gameplay experience paired with public servers, PvP, and even raids in some cases. If you are looking for games that mix some of the best elements of both genres, here are our picks for the best survival MMORPGs that you can play in 2024.

Wild Terra 2: New Lands

Wild Terra 2: New Lands is a fun game to get into if you love PVP-based survival games. The game can get a little grind-heavy if you are looking to upgrade your gear but that’s the only major complaint I have for the game. The food management system and PvP land ownership mechanics make for a fun experience. You need to manage your resources and make sure that you do not get caught out by players who are looking to ambush you. There are areas where PvP combat cannot be initiated so you do not have to be scared of losing all of your items all the time.

Do note that the game does not have PVE servers and players have been asking for them constantly since the game’s launch but the devs have not responded to player demands yet. So you should know what you are getting into. You can check out our Wild Terra 2: New Lands review if you want to know more about the game.

Ark: Survival Evolved

The progression system of Ark : Survival Evolved can be a lot of fun and dinosaur taming never gets old. If you want to play a survival game set in the Mesozoic era, there is no better game to jump into than Ark. There is a massive amount of content updates that players can experience throughout their playthrough.

It has a mix of first-person survival and MMORPG elements but it is not a true MMO like most other games on this list, but it definitely is worth considering getting into. Ark 2 is also in the works and Studio Wildcard has promised to expand on Survival Evolved’s success in the upcoming game.

V Rising

V Rising is a vampire survival game with public and private server options. One of the best things about the game is how you can handcraft your experience through the server settings. If you want to experience only the PVE side of things, you have the option of turning off all PvP elements entirely. V Rising is set to get some major content updates this year including system reworks and area expansions. You can read more about the game’s content updates planned for this year in our coverage here.

There are base-building elements that you need to grasp and there is a lot of focus on playing as a vampire. The sun dictates where you can or cannot be and it is a fun little twist that makes the game a lot more enjoyable. It is not a game for everyone but if you find the gameplay loop of building your base and taking on powerful foes for upgrades fun, V Rising is worth checking out. 

Conan Exiles 

Conan Exiles is a game that did not impress many at launch but the game has gotten noticeably better over the years. There is a ton of new content and the devs have released their fair share of quality-of-life updates. Getting into Conan can be difficult as it requires you to learn a lot of its mechanics very early in the game.

Once you know what to craft and have access to better crafting tiers, life gets a whole lot easier. The game world is easy to get lost in but the game does not hold back with its survival elements. You can join and be a part of clans, and clan fights can be brutal. There are instances of entire clans being wiped out in PvP encounters. The large-scale battles are slightly reminiscent of Guild Wars 2 but with survival elements mixed in, which is a match made in heaven.

7 Days to Die

7 Days To Die

7 Days to Die gives you the option to play offline in single-player mode or you can join a public server or even play with your friends. There are PvE servers available as well if you want to focus on survival-based gameplay without worrying about PvP raids. 

There are player-run servers available and if you can live with the subpar graphics and clunky user interface, the game can be quite a bit of fun. Despite it being an aging game, there is a small community of gamers who are keeping the game alive and you can find public groups where members are willing to group up and have fun together.


The early game of Rust is one of the most brutal experiences you can have in a survival game. You will spend an absurd amount of time breaking rocks and cutting trees to build a base for yourself. But once you get the hang of protecting yourself in the game, Rust becomes a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

You can run into large-scale PvP brawls and there are private servers out there with their own rulesets and customized experience. The most fun moments in Rust are ones where you beat a team that is stronger on paper and get access to some spicy loot.


Valheim is a PvE-focused game where you get to team up with others and fight in a procedurally generated world. Just like any other survival game, you focus on building a base and getting some good gear to work within the early stages.

The game is still in early access and can be enjoyed in a party of 10. You can build massive structures and take on foes in PvE, which is where the meat of the content lies. There is PvP but it exists as a side activity instead of being one of the core parts of the game.


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