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Battlemage Keep Bundle

Vanessa Mythdust Posted:
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Wizard101's newest bundle is here and it (literally) takes players to new heights. Supplying a castle in the sky, the Battlemage Keep Bundle is $39 and only available at GameStop.

Bundle Contents

  • Battlemage Keep
  • Battle Havox Mount
  • Wargoyle Pet
  • Battlemage Armor + Staff and Shield
  • 1 Month or 5,000 Crowns

Due to an initial misprint on the bundle card, players who have already bought the bundle were given an additional 2,500 crowns.

Battlemage Keep Castle

The Battlemage Keep castle is unusually huge. All of the house's space is stacked vertically - officially making this castle the tallest in the entire game. The towering fortress offers a couple secret passageways and plenty of rooms to store housing items. One of those hidden pathways holds a cauldron that gives players a daily gift. If you go ALL the way up into the castle, you'll find a portal which will take you to a duel circle nested even further into the clouds. It's perfect for PvP parties ... just don't look down. Lastly, the house offers a private fishing pond where players can catch the Guard Doodlefish, a fish that can only be caught inside the Battlemage Keep.

Battle Havox Mount

This bundle's mount is interesting to say the least. It's a dinosaur-type-thing that has ... no ... arms? I'm still trying to figure it out really. The medium sized mount is dyeable, gives the normal +40% speed boost, and provides a 2% damage boost.

Wargoyle Pet

The Wargoyle pet is pretty much an adorable chubby dragon that sneezes flamesnot once in awhile. I know that sounds disgusting, and it probably is, but somehow he pulls it off. The Wargoyle pet is balance, has a 73 starting pedigree, and comes with a Berserk card. Its starting stats are decent (everything at or above 225) and has quite a few potential epics in its pool.

Battlemage Armor and Weapon

Although the gear appearance is striking, as usual with bundles, the stats aren't my cup of tea. They're just a bit too narrow for me. What I do want to highlight though are the cards that come with the gear (max level).

  • Justiceblade: +35% damage, +35% shadow damage (on hat)
  • Renew: +25% outgoing healing for next 4 rounds (on robe)
  • Star Surge: Destroy Aura, 500 healing to self (on robe)
  • Legion Shield: -45% incoming damage (on boots)
  • Quicken: Double pip gain for 4 rounds (on weapon)
  • Impede: No pip gain for 4 rounds (on weapon)

Though I wouldn't use the gear all the time, I do think spells like Quicken and Impede could be extremely useful in certain situations. Perhaps if a cheating boss cast a massive spell when they reached a certain number of pips?

What do you think of Wizard101's newest bundle? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


Vanessa Mythdust