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Batman: Arkham Knight is Closer to an RPG Than You Think

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Witcher 3 fans will be receiving a much needed improvement to the game’s inventory system. Managing inventory has been a hassle since the game came out with no way to sort, so this is very welcome news. There will be no additional free DLC this week while they work on it. /sadface

Fallout 4’s Todd Howard sat down with Game Informer this week to talk about Skyrim -- or more specifically how Skyrim’s launch bugs will help make Fallout 4 a more bug-free game. They’ll still keep the funny ones though, right?

Bioware didn’t earn any fans this week when they announced that all new Dragon Age: Inquisition DLC will be exclusive to PS4, PC, and Xbox One. Players who began their journey on last gen consoles can give up now -- or buy a new console and new copy of the game. Then they have a migration tool. But ouch, those comments.

Look, we don’t know how much of an RPG No Man’s Sky is yet, but I do know it looks pretty incredible. IGN just debuted 18 minutes of never before seen gameplay footage that shows a lot of new systems that have only been described so far. It’s well worth a look.

Darkest Dungeon is receiving an update on July 15th! Titled “The Hound and the Corpse” the patch promises to bring a new hero, “new and awful diseases,” and corpses in combat. This was a special little Early Access game that we fell in love with. Now is a great time to check it out.

Shroud of the Avatar is back with another update. Per usual, it’s full of interesting information for fans. Of particular note is that crafting and guild warfare are both set to be added before the end of September!

Suzie sat down with the final game in the Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing series to see how developer Neocore games would wrap the out the trilogy of dungeon crawlers. Unfortunately, she found it lacking, citing missing and broken features and parts that felt almost copies from previous games in the series.

Rounding things out, let’s end with an interview. Garrett had the chance to sit down with Brian Fargo of InXile Entertainment to talk about the state of RPG gaming and how it feels to be right in the middle of a movement back to core, old school RPG gameplay. It is well worth a read!

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