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Ashes of Creation – Top 5 Mechanics

Garrett Fuller Posted:
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In an MMO landscape that is ever changing, it is great to see a pure beacon of light on the horizon. With so many games mixed into the genre now, clear MMOs are hard to find. However, Ashes of Creation continues to build a solid following for a really fantastic MMO experience which players are very excited about. If you look at how MMOs continue to do in the market place you will be very surprised. So, Ashes is doing a fantastic job of getting our appetites ready for some open world action. Here are some of the features we’re really looking forward to:

5. Adaptive AI

This is something that other MMOs have mentioned in the past, but it looks like Intrepid Studios will be working with it extensively in the game. Having groups of monsters which adapt and change through each encounter will bring a strong living world feel to Ashes. Not to mention the benefits of combat and strategy for players. If things process and change throughout the game then it keeps a fresh look at PvE and the MMO grind, that so many of us know, will fall in a quick sweep. We’re very excited about this feature.

4. Siege Warfare

Castles and sieges are also a highlight on the features list. Beginning with Dark Age of Camelot and working through Guild Wars 2, the idea of sieges is not really new to MMOs. However, with Ashes of Creation you will actually hold influence over lands near the castle. I grow more curious on how this will work. If you can harvest resources or organize patrols this could be very interesting. Like all systems though, you could lose your castle, so holding onto one will be critical. We’re excited to see much more on this aspect of the game.

3. Economy

Many games set out to have an interesting economy, but now it seems like Ashes of Creation is working on what others have promised but never delivered. The game will expand beyond the normal auction house system and have players actually crafting unique items. If these two ideas are true, then we could see a fantastic economy develop. It would be great to see more games adopt a truly player built experience. Which leads us to our next feature: Caravans.

2. Caravans

This will be very interesting to watch. Players can build and deploy their own caravans to trade with cities. However, getting from one place to another is not always easy. PvP might just come after you and then well, raiders and looters abound. How players use this idea will be the most interesting thing to watch. Will groups from raiders? Will players hire themselves out as defenders? It could get really tricky in the back and forth world of trade. However, a moving PvP mark on the map makes for some great fighting, we’re excited to see how this turns out.

1. Nodes

The node system is really how we will be playing MMOs in the future. The fact that the world is ever changing and shifting into different landscape is going to make Ashes of Creation a real game to be reckoned with. If the team can create the idea that things are destroyed, then it will mean a lot more to players. Establishing an NPC structure in real time while you play the game will give every combat, every caravan, and even exploring a lot more meaning. We’ll keep a close eye on the game and continue our coverage in the coming months. 


Garrett Fuller

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