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April Springpalooza 2017

Kelsey Fireheart Posted:
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So what happened in Pirate101 for the month of April? You would be surprised that there was quite a lot! Hope you didn’t miss any of it. I know I didn’t miss a second of it. But just in case you missed it, let me recap it for you.

April’s Fools Day

Pirate101 introduced a brand new mount called the… Coolest Mount. No it’s literally called the “Coolest Mount.” It’s actually an ice cube that you get to slide around on. Almost like riding belly down on a skateboard.

It’s now gone from the Crown Shop since it’s a limited time holiday edition mount, but hopefully you were able to get one?! I know I did!

Springtime Pets

As always, they have brought back the spring themed pets such as the Pink Marshadillows, Chocolopes, Eggaloons and yes, the Spring Grouper. But that’s not all! They also brought out a brand new pet, the Spring Yeti!

They haven’t found a hybrid from the Spring Yeti… yet! Maybe you could be the first one to discover the combination? This pet is also now gone from the Crown Shop, but you can always hatch with other morphers in the Morphing Tent to get a copy of this pet for gold!


This month, Pirate101 also had an event called Mount-A-Palooza where you could save up to 50% off crown prices of Permanent mounts! What does this mean? All crown prices on permanent mounts cost 5,000 Crowns or less! Now that’s a sweet deal. Also with this sale, they also introduced a brand new mount, the Riding Lion mount for 6,500 Crowns.

Now you can truly be the King of The Jungle… Wait, King of the Pirate Jungle? Pirate King of the Jungle, yea that’s better.

More Pets

They also have introduced brand new pets you can purchase in their Crown Shop. The Majestic Ibis can be bought for 5,000 Crowns.

And already someone found two hybrid combinations for this pet! Gee whiz, those morphers are fast! If you morph the Majestic Ibis with a Royal Ibis, you could get two fantastic hybrids, the Gilded Ibis or the Noble Ibis.

Yes, the Gilded Ibis hybrid pet is all gold!

The Hoodoo Bundle

I also wanted to remind you to not forget that the Hoodoo Bundle is now available online at Pirate101.com for $29 (which is a great deal if you ask me) if you wanted a super spooky ship, companion, even a cool housing add on, and so much more. Be sure and grab it now, so you can sail in style and scare off your enemies of course.

And that concludes the month of April. But with April ending, what will May bring? We shall see!


Kelsey Fireheart