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April Fools' Day Round Up- These Aren't True? Say It Ain't So!

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April Fools' Day 2015

April 1st comes just once a year but you can bet that developers spend months preparing for all of the pranks, video gags and jokes to laughingly send out to the gaming community. We've got a round up of some of the best out there for your viewing pleasure.

World of Warcraft players will have the chance to unite their garrison companions in epic and romantic love matches. Called "T.I.N.D.R.", garrison commanders can orchestrate love missions that, if successful, will unite companions and enhance skills and traits.

Dying Light have said that it might be wise to use Antizin injections with caution. The injections have been producing some odd reactions in those using them. It seems these results will be for one day only.

World of Tanks XBox 360 Goes to the Moon that actually isn't taking place on April 1st, but will run from April 3rd - 5th. It. Looks. Epic! WoT players can also take part in an online browser game to defend their bases from hordes of the undead. World of Warships players can play a browser game called Ocean Drift and puts players in a retro-style maze game in their own "pint sized" ships.

War Thunder is out with a new prototype ground unit / tank combo that is sure to send chills down an opponent's spine. Looking something like a Star Wars AT-AT Walker, a new blog post goes into all the "historical" detail. In addition, players can look to simplified mechanics in a new game overhaul detailed in a developer blog just for today.

Guild Wars 2 brings flying back into the game with a spiffy retro look for aeronautic pilots. Former beta testers might remember this charming bug called the "Airplane".

Source - MMOChampion

Crowfall will want to check out the new Slayer Archetype....don't let the name fool you -- this is one cute little guy.

Heroes of the Storm players will be able to take part in the 'pulse pounding' Big Head Mode featuring Facecheck Technology after today's update. New dialog and special facial animations / upgrades have been included for an extra special game experience.

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