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This is a new experience for me. I’ve been given a chance, one that I take very seriously, to be a representative of both MMORPG.com and the Camelot Unchained community. I thought long and hard about integrity, and the challenge of walking the line between a fanboy and critical writer and I decided it was one I could walk…hopefully!

If you know me, thank you for reading, if you don’t know me thank you for reading and please allow me to fill in some details and describe to you what you can expect from me going forward. I don’t want to go on about myself, but I feel that in order to trust what I have to say it helps you to know where I’ve been and why I’m here.

I’ve been playing MMORPGs almost exclusively since the day Star Wars Galaxies launched. Prior to that, I was of a less evolved species known as a “console gamer”. I used to scoff at the “PC guys” but after watching my friend play Star Wars Galaxies for a few hours I walked out, bought a computer and a copy of SWG and never looked back. I’ve tried almost every MMO I could get my hands on since. I wish I had been around for Ultima Online in it’s prime. I can say the same about Dark Age of Camelot. I spent some time in World of Warcraft during the legendary T-Mill vs. S-Shore days but haven’t been back since they burned the point of crusading. I took a brief ride through WAR Online, and I still miss my Orks! If you haven’t noticed PVP is my play style of choice. I don’t have a problem with PVE, I just feel like its not on the same level as far as what I love about this genre.

I love the fact that these games when they are done right aren’t games at all; they are digital worlds in which can live. I miss the consequences and challenges of “the old days” and I long for an MMORPG that can take me back to what was. I crave the challenge and excitement of facing the most dangerous animal on this planet in PVP, us. I appreciate things like role players, forced socialization, and a player crafted economy (even though I don’t participate in them too often) because I realize what they can add to a game can’t be put in code but it can be the difference between feeling like I’m playing a game or working my way through a world. More than anything else I miss the genuine memories that only “sandbox PVP” games can create.

I tried to bite down and battle through the last 10 years of WOW clones, but I couldn’t do it. After the disappoint that was SWTOR I went into MMO purgatory. I couldn’t go through the emotions, phony marketing, and eventual let down again. Websites like MMORPG.com became my home. They kept me from walking away from my favorite hobby…no, its more than that…it’s a passion, and I’ve never forgotten that. If they didn’t retain me, I wouldn’t have re-found that flame and I wouldn’t be right here right now.

Just when I thought MMORPGs would never return to the virtual worlds I mentioned prior a former game developer did something truly amazing. Mark Jacobs came to MMORPG.com, threw down some blogs, and opened himself up to an entire horde of trolls! More than that he dared to meet them on the field! He took to the forums and answered our ridicule! I was skeptical but impressed. He mentioned a game he was thinking of making, what it might feature as well as something called “Kickstarter”. I liked what he said, but I had heard of this “kickster” (as I called it then) and thought it was hilarious. “What kind of fools would fall for such a scam?”

Fast forward to April 2nd, 2013 and I’m spam clicking refresh to secure the Camelot Unchained Backer tier I meta-gamed to be the best buy for me! What followed was something I never imagined. I didn’t back a game; I joined a community that included both the developers and the backers! On paper Camelot Unchained was the old school with new school MMO I always wanted. It has almost every feature I’ve ever asked for in an MMORPG from a “PVP first” design plans to humans with antlers! (Come on you love Darth Maul too!) What I didn’t account for was intangible. It was the single feature that makes MMORPGs so unique, community.

I can’t guarantee Camelot Unchained will be great, or that you will like it. I can’t guarantee you will always like what I write about it. I can guarantee that no matter what I will always try my best to be critical but constructive of CU and that my passion for it and this genre will not waver. I can guarantee those things because I’ve already been doing it since April 2nd, 2013 and I haven’t slowed down yet! I’m going to keep covering this game because I love to, I’m going to keep watching the entire genre because I love it, and I’m going to do everything in my power to help both be the best that they can because when I put my money down on CU I didn’t “buy a game”.  I, along with every other person that backed CU became a resource for it to utilize, and most importantly we became its conscience. I don’t expect others to take up this sometimes difficult task, but I hope they do because I truly believe Camelot Unchained will be a better digital world because of it.

Now you know where I’ve been and where I am, let's see where we can take this.


Tim Eisen

I roleplay a wordsmith that writes about the technological and social evolution within the game industry