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Adventures in The Morphing Tent: The Salsadillo Hybrid

Kelsey Fireheart Posted:
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One of the coolest things you can do in Pirate101 other than fighting, sailing, farming, PvPing, decorating your houses. Yes, Pirate101 has so many diversions you could do to keep you busy! But my favorite is hatching for new and improved pets. To be more specific, finding a new hybrid pet! A hybrid pet means that in Pirate101, you can combine two pets to create a brand new pet that can’t be found in any other way! For example, you cannot get hybrids from a drop or buy it in the Crown Shop. The only way you can obtain it is through hatching.

KingsIsle Twitch Livestream

On September 2nd, Wizard101 had a Twitch Livestream celebrating their 8th Birthday which means a massive party for Wizard101 in-game all month long for September. On their Twitch livestream, which we also call KI Live as in KingsIsle Live, they talked mostly about Wizard101’s 8th Birthday and having awesome interviews with KingsIsle employees. It was hosted by Tom Purdue aka Dworgyn and Leah Ruben aka Falmea. Tom Purdue is the community manager for Wizard101 and Pirate101. Leah Ruben is the producer for Wizard101 and Pirate101. If you are not aware by now, yes, KingsIsle Entertainment Inc. produces two MMOs – Wizard101 and Pirate101.

A New Hybrid Hint

Even though, the major topic in the KI Live livestream was obviously about Wizard101’s 8th birthday, they managed to sneak in a Pirate101 hybrid hint for us loyal pirates.

You see, what’s great about Pirate101 is the way their employees interact with their players when it comes to making hybrids by talking on their official message boards and giving direct hints on how to find new hybrids. Decius Duelmaster, who is actually an eagle character in Pirate101, is in charge of the pet system which includes Pet PvP and Pet Morphing aka Hatching. On the Wizard101 and Pirate101 message boards, instead of using their real names, KingsIsle Employees instead use characters from in-game. The person in charge of the pet system naturally uses the Decius character. We don’t even know his real name. It’s just.. Decius. Duelmaster.

There are many, many, many hybrids in-game. In fact, there are 60 hybrids available to discover in game. But there are probably more that are still waiting to be discovered. That would mean there are possibly 70, 80 hybrids in game? Who knows? Only Decius knows for sure.

How You Get Hybrids

Now they are produced only if you use the correct parents. It can be quite daunting when you have over 200 pets you can use in game. You can’t just use any pet and produce any random hybrids. When hatching, you only get the parents back or a hybrid. And only for a select few, you might get its grandparents back which is definitely not the norm.

Like I said, most hybrids are discovered, but then there are some that has not been discovered yet even after months of searching. Even the most loyal hatchers run out of steam. But luckily, for those incredibly difficult hybrids, Decius steps in and sometimes gives direct hints to keep us searching for new hybrids which helps a lot. Thanks Decius!

And The New Hint Is…

You know, sometimes the best thing is being surprised with a new hybrid hint out of nowhere. That’s what happened in the KI Live livestream on September 2nd, Decius showed up with a hint in a form of a picture. We knew immediately that it was time to search for a brand new hybrid. Before you ask, yes he really wore a mask. I told you he was serious about being Decius haha.

At first glance, it seemed that the picture showed two pets that could create a dish of tortilla chips and salsa? Decius likes to make pets to mean something, has a pun or has a reference behind it to make it fun. The new hybrid we knew had some reference to tortilla chips and salsa according to the picture.

We knew immediately that the first pet is Armadillo Verde, but the second was very blurry. Yes, he had to make it that hard. It’s only fun if there’s a bit of challenge. A Pirate101 player named CaptainPowPow was able to figure it out! He was able to produce a little cutie called Salsadillo from the combination of an Armadillo Verde pet and a Coconut Crawlie pet. Ha, so that’s the tortilla chip and salsa reference. See, Decius is mighty clever when it comes to hints. Sometimes I think he’s smarter than the simurgh which in forklore said to be a genius bird who saw the world start anew three times and is smarter than anyone in the universe. But I digress.

O Salsadillo, where Art Thou?

This is how I started my own journey to produce my very own Salsadillo hybrid. The way I know if I got a new pet is that it will have its own unique egg look. All pets in game have their own unique egg look. If you already know what the parents’ eggs look like, you will know immediately when you get an egg you never seen before, which is a clue that you just got a new pet. Remember, you only get the parents back or a new hybrid.

6 Tries and 120,000 gold later, I finally did it. Luckily I had plenty of gold that I saved from doing dungeon runs. Pirate101 is amazing in giving you ways to earn incredible amounts of gold. Thank you Pirate101!

In the video below, you will watch me hatch for it. Notice that the egg does not look like the parents’ eggs above? Yep, that’s how I knew I got a new hybrid.

After five brutal minutes of waiting since all eggs take five minutes to hatch, my egg finally hatched into this!

The Eggs of Many Colors and Types

In the picture below, you will see that each pet has an egg that reflects the color the pet is. There are also types of eggs, the Amaradillo Verde is a Mysterious Egg just like Salsadillo and all other Dillo pets and the Coconut Crawlie is a Pinching Egg just like all other Crawlie pets. Each group of pets have its own type and yes there can be many Dillo pets in one group, all different from each other in looks and name alone. By having a look and type for eggs, it’s easy for Pirate101 to create many types of unique egg looks for each pet. And that’s why there were no Mysterious green eggs with red dots before. But it’s funny, looking at the egg did make me think of green eggs and ham for some reason haha.

Now you can see how I knew right away that I got a Salsadillo!

Time To Ride Off Into The Sunset

And that concludes my adventure in the Morphing Tent today! But you should give Pirate101 a try and get your own Salsadillo hybrid today. 


Kelsey Fireheart