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Advance Pack 3: Who Will Make the Cut?

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How can we have Ant-Man without the Wasp? Wasp is one of the most popular (and significant)) Marvel characters out there, and between her popularity and her recent introduction to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, I can’t imagine Gazillion leaving her out.

I would expect Wasp to be somewhat similar to Ant-Man in terms of her kit, though I imagine she’ll focus more heavily on the movement aspects and feature a suite of ranged bio-electric abilities over a focus on melee combat.


Between all the new comics, the Agents of SHIELD TV show, and the upcoming Inhumans movie, Marvel has been making a full court press on all things Inhumans. It should come as no surprise then that Black Bolt, the King of the Inhumans, is an easy fit for Marvel Heroes. Like Angel, he also comes up at the top or near the top of every player list. Frankly, he’s shoe-in for this year’s roster. Heck, Ryolnir teased his possible inclusion in a recent post on the official forums.

Black Bolt’s major draw is his incredibly destructive voice. The guy basically can’t speak for fear of destroying everything around him.  His sonic scream is so powerful, it can even destroy planets. Forget the Death Star, they should’ve just sent Black Bolt to Alderaan.

He’s capable of channeling his powers in a number of other ways as well, but I expect his kit’s focus would be on a mix of melee combat (Master Blow, anyone?) and sonic screams.  Sonic powers are criminally underrepresented in Marvel Heroes, so Black Bolt would be a welcome addition all around.


More Inhumans! Daisy Johnson, AKA Quake, is the star of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD and I wouldn’t be surprised to see her show up in the game this year. Again, Inhumans are kind of a big deal right now, and like Black Bolt, Quake would offer something we haven’t seen in the game just yet with her ability to control seismic forces.

I really should get to work on unlocking Coulson as a Team Up, huh?


Another personal favorite and often high up on players’ lists, Spider-Woman would be an interesting add to the roster this year.

Unlike some of the other candidates we’ve highlighted so far, there aren’t many compelling external reasons to add her to the cast (other than the whole Spider-Verse thing), but she’s popular and I feel her powers would be visually interesting at the very least. There’s also that whole Skrulls storyline Gazillion is working on this year.

I can see Spider-Woman having a pretty straightforward design, with a tree focused on her super strength in melee combat, another on her ranged bio-electric attacks, and a couple of utility powers in her third three to represent her pheromone manipulation capabilities.


“But Ms. Marvel is already in the game!” No, not that Ms. Marvel. Carol Danvers is now Captain Marvel, and a young girl (and Inhuman!) named Kamala Khan has taken up the mantle of Ms. Marvel with her own incredibly popular ongoing series.

Kamala is a cool character to be sure, but her greatest asset as an addition to Marvel Heroes would be to capitalize on the tech Gazillion developed for Mr. Fantastic, one of the least popular characters in the game. If you’ve never tried Mr. Fantastic in Marvel Heroes, you really should. Gazillion did an incredible job in recreating Reed’s stretchy powers in the game, but most players probably wouldn’t know this. Kamala features similarly elastic capabilities and I can imagine her being just as stupid fun to play as Reed.

The real challenge for Gazillion would come in adequately representing Kamala’s shapeshifting powers, which is one of the reasons we haven’t seen Mystique in the game so far. I imagine that Gazillion is up to the challenge, though, considering the fact that Kamala was a candidate in the official community vote.


Four of the eight characters on our list were part of the official community vote (Angela, Ms. Marvel, Green Goblin, and Wasp), so we’ll toss in Nick Fury as a bonus character since he’s been highly requested for some time now. Players have been looking forward to a “Nickromancer” in Marvel Heroes for some time now – that is, Nick Fury as a pet class with SHIELD agents and the like, and from what I understand Marvel is officially cool with the idea.

Will it happen this year? It’s hard to say, but the idea is as popular as ever and Gazillion has been amping up the game’s summoner itemization over the last year, so Nick would be a solid addition. Personally, Nick is probably the only character I’d enjoy as a full-on summoner, so I’d love to see him make it.

Who do you hope will make the cut? Share your list with us in the comments below!

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