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It’s a holiday weekend here in the States and while I’ll be busy partaking in typical holiday festivities, I’ve also got plans to set aside some time for gaming. This is what I’ll be playing. Share your own holiday weekend (or just weekend) gaming plans with us in the comments below!

Borderlands, Borderlands, Borderlands

My friends and I are incredibly excited for the release of Borderlands 3 in September and we’ve all decided to replay the games in the series with a friend who is playing the games for the first time. By the time this piece runs, we’ll likely have just finished the main story of the original Borderlands and this weekend we’ll be moving on to the game’s DLC packs, such as Dr. Ned, General Knoxx and Claptrap’s Robot Revolution.

My big takeaway from replaying the original game again is that man the game was simple when compared to Borderlands 2. Gearbox really upped its game with the sequel and I can’t wait to dive back into it. Also, these games really highlight the need for the full level scaling finally coming to the series in Borderlands 3. Overleveling in these games is terrible since it becomes terribly easy to just steamroll through. How Long to Beat lists roughly 21 hours for the original Borderlands (including sidequests) for a “rushed” playthrough and it’s looking like we’ll be finishing it at around the 15 hour mark and we weren’t even rushing! The game is just too easy.

Hopefully Borderlands 3 is able to bring an appropriate level of challenge and pacing to everyone’s first playthrough. Having to wait until New Game+ for more of a challenge is frustrating.

Deep Sky Derelicts

I’ve been fascinated with Darkest Dungeon ever since Bill, Garrett and I saw the game many years ago when it was just an unknown indie game at a small booth at PAX. Unfortunately for me, I could never actually get into the released game. It’s just too punishing, even for someone who appreciates a challenge as much as I do.

Deep Sky Derelicts, which I picked up on sale recently, is basically Darkest Dungeon in space, only a good deal more forgiving. It’s definitely gotten a lot tougher where I’m at in the campaign, but at least I don’t have to worry about my party going insane or having a heart attack.

Civilization VI

Between XCOM and Civilization, Firaxis is one of my favorite developers out there. Civ 6 is a mainstay for me and my most played game on Steam (600+ hours!) by a long shot. The developers have been supporting the game with significant patches and the latest update makes a ton of meaningful improvements that I’m eager to explore, including buffs to my favorite Civ, England.

What are your gaming plans for the weekend?


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