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A Tyrian Halloween Wish List

David North Posted:
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The ghosts of Ascalon are howling in the wind, and the undead are roaming the earth in search of flesh. Soon the doors to the Mad Realm will begin to appear, bringing tricks and treats to those brave enough to open them. Halloween is by far the greatest holiday, and it's making a return to Guild Wars 2.  ArenaNet finally made the announcement for Blood and Madness!  Last year's holiday event was a lot of fun.  It’s been a whole year since then, and the development team has learned some new things.  I’m hoping they will use their new skills to create new content, but of course I’m going to be picky.  Here is my Halloween 2013 wishlist.

A New Scavenger Hunt

The Mad King Thorn has been the main center of attention for Halloween. Last year players went on a scavenger hunt to learn different bits and pieces of the Mad King's history. This year we will meet Bloody Prince Edrick! I'm hoping this means we get a whole new scavenger hunt. This time it could center on the Bloody Prince. The announcement gave mention of Magister Tassi's instruments receiving strange readings. These same instruments were used last year by players to find ghosts of the past.  I have a feeling this all points to my wish coming true.

Halloween is the best!

New Labyrinth Layout

The Bloody Prince may or may not be on friendly terms with with the Mad King. We do know the prince has taken over some of the forces inside the Mad Realm. Could a war be breaking out between the two? If so, how will this change the labyrinth? The doors to the Mad Realm appear to be different which could be a clue.  My wish is a change in the labyrinth due to the switch of power. It wouldn’t hurt if it was a bit more difficult either. 

New Dungeon

Last year players could fight the Mad King head on in a nice little mini dungeon. There's a good chance the dungeon will make a return, but keep your fingers crossed that a few changes have been made. Without knowing if the Thorn family is getting along or not, it's hard for me to really speculate on what the changes could possibly be. But as a player, I of course have to share what’s on my mind.

Right now I see two possibilities. The first has players fighting against the Bloody Prince as a mini boss, then taking on the Mad King. This of course means the dungeon could have a few expansion added on, or is completely redone. The other may have players go against both of them at the same time. Dual bosses seem to be a recurring theme over the past couple of events, so my money is on the later. If it is the case, let's hope the son isn't nearly as powerful as his father.

New Halloween Mask

Now one item on my Halloween wish is already granted, a new mask. The announcement already confirms that a new item will indeed be rewarded for those who survive Mad King Says. But I have to say, I'm really bummed by this year’s offering. Last year we got a Witch's Hat, which fit the theme, but was a bit underwhelming. This year we will receive a very simple mask that looks much like what Mesmers already wear. Why can't it be something more exciting like a giant Ogre mask, or heck I would even take a Quaggan mask! Well I guess if you want something done, you better do it yourself...

Here you go, you know you want this.

New Weapon Skins

The weapon skins from last year were pretty awesome.  This it’s a new year however, so why not have a brand new set?  This time make them creepier. I want something that looks scary, and just bizarre.  A few from last year were a bit goofy looking, and to be honest I’m not surprised I never seen anyone one using them.  Well, people use the swords of course.  They looked amazing! 

Fan favorites such as the Mad King's Clock Tower, and Lunatic Inquisition, will be returning for players to enjoy. If you weren't able to master the difficult jumping puzzle last time, I wish you all luck.  I hope you have honed your skills over the year to conquer it this time around. Much of the event will be the same compared to last year, but at least new content is being introduced with a new character to terrorize trick-or-treaters. Who knows, if the Mad King isn't too careful, the Bloody Prince may just take the holiday away from him.  

What are you wishing for this Halloween?  Tell us in the comments below.

David North / David North is a freelance writer for MMORPG.com.  David loves to play and makes games, but now he writes about them!  If you want to creep on him and make fun of his ability to draw, follow him over on twitter @David_the_North.

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