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A Penny for My Thoughts

Vanessa Mythdust Posted:
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I'm surrounded by questions. Whether I'm in-game, on social media, or just logging into the forums, it feels like there is always someone trying to get my attention. And honestly, I don't mind! I love sharing my thoughts on the game or offering any kind of help or advice I can. However, there are a few questions that I get asked more often than others. So, I thought it'd be a good idea to compile them and answer them all. I'll only charge you a penny ... ;)

1. Why Don't You PvP?

I'm sure my answer isn't going to be the same as most people nowadays. PvP is constantly accused of being broken, toxic, and more luck than it is skill. Although I think that is true to an extent, my reason for staying away from the arena is much simpler. Either I'm busy doing IRL things or I'm using my game time in another area such as a dungeon, derby, or pet making. In my short time trying to learn PvP (emphasis on TRYING), I quickly learned that to succeed in the arena, you pretty much need the best of everything. Fantastic gear, a great pet, and spells/strategies for tons and tons of different scenarios. It was very involved, and I just didn't have the resources to fully commit to it at the time. I would definitely love to give it another go sometime though!

2. What's the Best Derby Pet?

I get this question A LOT, and my answer is always the same. There is no "best" derby pet. Best is extremely subjective, and therefore will differ person to person. The great thing about derby is that you can choose what type of racer you are. You can be a straight up speed devil and go for all hurries, or you can be a little trickster and pack a punch with Spiffy Pop and a few mutes, or you can mix and match different approaches to come up with anything in-between. I advise new racers to try different strategies and determine which one they feel most comfortable with. I personally like speed, so many of my pets have hurries and charges to keep me going.

3. How Long Does it Take You to Cheat Test Bosses?

It really depends on the particular boss. Obviously higher level bosses will usually take me longer than lower level ones because the cheats tend to be more intricate. That said, it also depends on what the cheat(s) actually consist of. If I'm cheat testing alone, damage related cheats will usually knock me out and force me to port back and reset every few rounds (my jade gear can only take so much!). Other factors include the quantity of cheats and whether the boss is standalone or in a dungeon. I'd say my quickest cheat test was around 25 minutes. My longest was done with the merc team when Darkmoor was first released. That was a DOOZY and lasted several days if I remember correctly.

4. How Can I Become Famous in the KingsIsle Community?

Well, I think you're asking the wrong question. Instead of asking how to become famous, try asking yourself, "What am I passionate about?" I'm a firm believer that seeking fame usually doesn't lead anywhere. When people do things for attention, I think it shows and they don't come across as genuine. Passion feeds passion. When you're passionate about something and THAT shows, then people become interested. I didn't enter this community thinking that I'd accomplish everything I have. It was a complete shock, but also a natural progression. I loved derby, so I became active there. I slowly became well known as the "derby girl." From there, sharing my derby knowledge helped me develop a passion for writing which led to my blog and my gig here. Don't get me wrong - receiving recognition for your work is awesome, but what good is it if that's your only goal? Find what you enjoy and work hard to perfect it. The rest will hopefully happen on its own.  

Have any other questions for me? If you do, you know what to do in the comments below. By the way, you can keep the penny ...


Vanessa Mythdust