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A New Year, A New Character

David North Posted:
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Guild Wars 2 hasn’t been out for a full year yet, but it is here to bring in 2013.  For many, a new year means trying new things.  I usually don’t participate in the resolution ritual, but I think I’ll make an exception this year.  While ArenaNet has packed Guild Wars 2 with loads of content, I think it’s time for me to start a new character in order for me to see more.

I’ve been playing the same character since launch, only slightly dabbling in other professions.  I’ve seen much of the world and fought so many enemies.  There are still things for me to accomplish, but I got the itch to start something new.  A new profession, a new race, and a new personal story all add up to many more months of play time. 

I did a ton of exploration with my first character, and that allowed me find events and places to boost up my level quickly.  Even exploring a city early on gives a ton of experience.  While I’ve discovered most of Tyria, I want to really to take in the sights.  Not saying I won’t go after 100% completion on the maps like I did before, but I won’t rush through all of it.  There are still many treasures for me to find and collect, and jumping puzzles to conquer.  Plus it wouldn’t hurt to take some more sweet screen shots for my album.

Some players love to make really goofy looking characters. Maybe I should go for a mouth-breathing nerdy IT Asuran.

With my original character, I lived off the equipment I gained from drops.  These items didn’t always have the highest stats, and to top it off, I barely got items for my profession anyways.  While it’s not impossible to go through the entire PVE world using scraps and twigs to fight off enemies, it is a lot tougher than using crafting jobs to make decent items.  Plus the extra experience gain doesn’t hurt either.  It may make up for me taking exploration a bit slower.  I’ll get to see more armor and weapon designs, giving me more choices on deciding my new characters final look.

The real reason I’m starting a new character is because I love a good story.  Playing through one story, even making choices to change events, is something really exciting.  I grew up playing a lot of RPGs, so it’s only natural for me to get sucked into it.  Now that I know how one race handles the current events happening in Tyria, I want to know what the others are doing.  It would truly be like seeing the world through new eyes which will just help flesh out the lore of the world even more, giving the game an even better story.

While I really love the profession I chose at launch, I’m still curious to try others.  I tried everything out during the beta, but things have changed.  I also find that when I try out other professions in a game, I get better at playing ones I’ve tried in the past.  This works out even better in PVP.  The best way to predict an enemy’s next move is to have first seen the battlefield from their perspective.

A new character is a great way for me to bring in the New Year.  But I’m wondering what ArenaNet is going to bring in that’s new for 2013.  What type of new events can occur?  Will we see another new made up holiday?   Are guild halls a possibility this year?  How will things change to keep bots out of the game?   So many possibilities and only time will truly tell for us.  Either way, I think it’s going to be a great year.

I think I'll use a melee character since I've been playing a spell caster. If I'm going t do something new, I really need to try different things.

I’m really excited to play with a new character.  I’d say the personal story is the biggest draw for me.  I know I’ll see things that I missed my first time around while exploring Tyria.  ArenaNet threw a lot of content into the exploration elements of the game so I doubt I’ve seen it all.  I’m hoping even more content is brought in, giving me even more to do.  With it being a whole new year, it’s hard to say what the future holds for Guild Wars 2.   But I know that while I’ve been playing the game for months, it’s suddenly feeling new again. 

Have you started a new character yet?  What makes you think about starting over?  Tell us in the comments below.


David North