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A Multiverse of Crowfall

Tim Eisen Posted:
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Eternal Kingdoms AND Factions? Crowfall development appears to be snowballing and by that, I mean picking up girth at a rapid rate. Straight up swole or yoked if you prefer. Looking thick solid and tight ACE. Nice work on the girthy additions. Sorry I thought this was my gym column for a second. You don’t have a gym column… YET! If you desire it the universe will conspire it! Unfortunately, it will probably be in an alternate Earth like Earth 2 or even that embarrassment Earth 3.

W-T-F are you talking about? Bear with me. Crowfall is mechanically similar to string theory featuring a plethora of multiverses within the game and beyond. In it we have several realms of existence coming together to form a whole. Layer one is this reality…well ok, not THIS one because this one is the reality as altered by MMORPG.com and the major reality changer the internet. Layer one is the reality we woke up in today. Within this realm exists Artcraft Entertainment, layer two. ACE exists in a bubble within our realm as its own miniverse of creators. Layer three is the universe they made – Crowfall.

Within the game universe is your digital realm, the demigod realm, the Eternal Kingdoms (EK’s). Eternal Kingdoms are essentially smaller personal realms that exist within the game’s universe. In this realm, the owner is the demigod. While they didn’t create the Eternal Kingdom, they rule it, terraform it and dictate the rules of the reality. Every Crowfall player will get their own Eternal Kingdom with its own rules making for thousands of multiverses – all similar but different realities. The roll out your eventual Eternal Kingdoms has begun.

As with all new testing expect it to be bumpy at first then get girthier over time. The closest thing to this concept that I’ve seen is Disney Infinity Toy Box Mode. Considering what players could do with that I look forward to exploring the multiverse of Eternal Kingdoms. (Note to self, create a character named Rick then get a friend and make them create a character named Morty, then explore EK’s together.)

The EK’s at their mildest could be like Rift housing (which is still pretty darn cool) or at their most extreme like the Rick and Morty multiverse depending on what ACE does with them. Ideally, we will have plenty of both. Personally, I hope they allow EK’s to create a PVP environment and I say that in the darkest most PVP minded way. Yes, come to my EK said the spider to the fly…did I mention the loot rules…don’t worry you will be fine…

Beyond our EK we have many servers/campaigns to pick from, each being its own realm within the Crowfall universe in which we all become new entities. That brings us to the faction campaign world. “For this initial ruleset, you will be able to select one of three faction types (Order, Balance, or Chaos) when you log into the Scorn Campaign. Your spirit crow will be locked to this faction until the conclusion of this campaign, so choose wisely! Each faction will have a dedicated home Keep and faction temples. All loot chests will be removed from houses (in Sanctuary, too) and placed into points of interest (POIs) in the center of the Scorn three-faction map.”

While it still lacks many of the eventually bells and whistles this is the foundation of faction PVP in Crowfall. We have three sides to pick from, a nice big map to fight on and POI’s to fight over. Why is this so significant? If you remember back ACE said they wanted to start with free for all PVP then, once they were getting a grip on that, move onto other campaigns. Not only is this the beginning of what I believe will me the most popular PVP format, but it means ACE is feeling confident in the work they have so far. That means we won’t likely see gameplay regress from here.

Vertical growth rather than horizontal growth is an indication that things, at least on the foundational level, are starting to lock in. With factions and EK’s, what Crowfall currently is gives us a preview of what to expect going forward. As someone that has followed this game since before their Kickstarter I find great relief in that. 


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