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A lot of Celebration, a bit of Metal

Victor Barreiro Jr. Posted:
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There’s a lot to be happy about with regard to Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward. In a previous Eorzea Reborn column, we discussed how Square Enix’s financials were doing rather well, caused in part by the success of the FFXIV expansion and assorted merchandising sales.

Now, within the game, there’s also much to be excited for. Square Enix actually has two celebratory events slated for late August, one of which is ongoing while the other is set to begin next week. There’s also a new music video out for the game, which features quite the heavy metal influence.

Let’s get on with this week’s Eorzea Reborn!

The Moonfire Faire

First off, the Moonfire Faire is back once again, bringing summertime fun to the Eorzean populace, despite the chilly environs of Ishgard beckoning adventurers.

The Moonfire Faire began on August 11 and will end on September 7, giving players ample time to score some new outfits, as well as  a wind chime housing item for their free company or personal homes.

Most of the event’s FATE encounters will be occurring in Costa Del Sol, and to begin this year’s seasonal event, you’ll need to meet up with Haermaga, grand chaperone of the Moonfire Faire, in Limsa Lominsa’s Upper Decks to do it.

The Rising anniversary event

Besides the Moonfire Faire, Eorzea’s anniversary event, The Rising, is slated to occur from August 27 to September 7.

The Rising is especially noteworthy for Eorzeans as adventurers are meant to take the time out to remember those lost in the Calamity.

That said, Square Enix mentions that an “insect infestation” is threatening to spoil the event, so adventurers have been tasked with speaking to Nonora in Ul’dah’s Steps of Nald to begin this year’s anniversary questline.

While last year’s Rising event allowed participants to snag a new emote via a questline, along with a Wind-Up Minfilia and a Wind-Up Thancred, this year promises to provide Wind-Up Iceheart and Wind-up Yugiri minions for Eorzea’s finest adventurers.

Alexander Metal Music

To end this week’s Eorzea Reborn column, I thought I’d post the latest video on the FFXIV YouTube page, which is a lyrics-infused music video for the very metal-ized Alexander Awakes theme music.

When you watch it, prepare to be gobbily gobbed as this is a metal track ostensibly made by goblins who want to kill you. Enjoy!


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