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A Leveling Experiment and Other Tidbits

Victor Barreiro Jr. Posted:
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Welcome back to another edition of Eorzea Reborn, dear readers.  This week, I’m going to start by instituting some mild changes to my treatment of the Eorzea Reborn column.

While I do enjoy playing on my main character, I realized that being a legacy character meant I skipped early portions of the Realm Reborn game for the sake of just opening up more content available to me.

To wit, I’ve decided to try an experiment over the next few months and split up my column into two or three parts, depending on the availability of content worth discussing. Not much will change from a content standpoint, but there will be changes to how you perceive content on this column.

I will try to see this leveling experiment (and this writing change) through in order to give me more insight into the game from a non-legacy player’s point of view and to allow myself to get more inspiration when I write the column.

Eorzea Reborn’s Changes

The first thing I’ll be trying out is a bimonthly schedule for content, barring important updates that I feel may need emergency Eorzea Reborn writeups.

I hope this will allow me to essentially play more and write better, more or less. It will also allow, I hope, for longer, more detailed writing.

The writing structure of Eorzea Reborn will, as a result, usually have at least two parts and up to as many as four major sections. The first main section will be an update on my leveling experiment, which I will explain further below. The second portion will be a roundup of news during the two-week period, along with opinions on the news.

Part of the leveling experiment will be to play a class I’m comfortable with in general but not experienced with specifically. As part of my experiment, I’ll also occasionally write a guide or tips and tricks section regarding dealing with bosses, making money, and generally dealing with life in Eorzea without an existing support base.

While guides to bosses already do exist elsewhere, as I’m sure many players here realize, I’m hoping that my writing will also allow people new to Final Fantasy XIV and who enjoy the content on MMORPG.com to have a centralized place to see written content of that sort.

Moreover, if there are folks out there like me who enjoy reading up on a boss rather than needing to watch videos, I hope I can provide a worthwhile and enjoyable reading experience.

I expect I’ll be studying how other people write their own guides and using it to not only inform me of the best approaches, but also of new ways to improve my writing, so please look forward to it.

The Lizzie Greenrainbow Project

Lizzie Greenrainbow is the name of the Thaumaturge my non-gaming girlfriend and I made on a whim in Final Fantasy XIV some months back, and she’s also the character I’ll be playing as for this leveling experiment over the next few months.

To make a long story short, she chose the looks of the character, as well as the character class she wanted to start with.

My handicaps come in the form of general inexperience with the Thaumaturge (I’ve not played a THM beyond 20) and the lack of a functioning support base. My main character plays on an entirely different server, so I can’t funnel gil or FFXIV 1.0 goods onto Lizzie.

I will be focusing on leveling this character as an eventual Black Mage and on saving up money for an eventual house.

Lizzie Greenrainbow is situated on the Cactuar Server, and is currently a level 7 THM as a result of some short sessions playing.

I’m quite open to discussions on what you’d like to see Lizzie Rainbow accomplish in-game. if there are particular tips you’d like to offer or challenges you’d like to burden my character with (I’m seriously considering a “single gathering skill” challenge), then I welcome your inputs.

One way or another, we’ll see how far I can take myself as a magic caster, something I never really do in MMOs.

Halloween event teasers

Now, before I end this week’s Eorzea Reborn column, I’d like to point out this Imgur pictureset that’s been posted to Reddit. It seems the halloween event for this year will be getting pumpkin-themed items that are pretty cool.

I’m really hoping the Broom mount isn’t temporary, and that it really is a mount.  In any event, by the time the next Eorzea Reborn rolls around, we’ll likely know more. Check back in two weeks for another Eorzea Reborn! Cheers!



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