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A Journey in Tamriel

Josh Hay Posted:
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When Elder Scrolls Online was first released back in 2014, I was extremely hyped for the game and I have been a consistent subscriber since launch. Even though there is a lot of talk if it is in fact a “true” Elder Scrolls game, it still is one of the best MMORPGs to ever hit the market in my opinion. It’s been the most consistent game I have played since it has launched.

DLC after DLC is released constistently adding additional content to the game. We recently had the first Chapter for the game in Morrowind and the new DLC Horns Of The Reach released shortly after. Morrowind added the first new class since launch, the Warden, with Horns of the Reach adding new items, dungeons, locations, etc. The freedom the game has offered me is one of the biggest reasons I keep playing ESO. It’s not perfect but it’s close enough for me to subscribe for as long as I have been.

I have played all the classes to max level, even though I only have one right now Max Champion Level - my Nightblade. I have enjoyed the flexibility the game offers with equipment and classes. The newest class The Warden has been a different experience for me. I like the class design but I don’t think the implementation is quite there. It’s a lot of fun to play, and I think it’s possible that I have been spoiled by the class I find the most fun.

While the game has a ton to offer and I have done probably 90% of the game’s content as of right now, I still find things to do when I login every day. I’ve started to dabble in PvP more and even though it can be a tad frustrating at times due to my faction not being on the top. It’s still fun to play around with and take on multiple people at a time and come out victorious. A lot of people are divided on if PvP is still fun or not, and there will be complaining in any game you find but for me, I still find Cyrodiil to be just as fun and exciting as ever.

My Nightblade build is admittedly more for PvE content than PvP but I find it rather flexible. My build is a full of Magicka NB with Destro/Resto as my two weapons of choice. My character has gone through three major revisions and I finally found what I like the most in Destro/Resto staves. Again, going back to the flexibility that ESO gives you, I am happy that I can do that with one character, instead of having to make more and more alts to experiment.

I’m extremely happy with the direction Zenimax are taking ESO. I like the idea of them coming out with constant DLCs and then having a paid Chapter every year. There are a few things I dislike as well. Housing would be a little better if they implemented it so that it’s more useful and less superfluous - I am not as fond of the housing system as I am in other MMORPGs. I wish they would release better quality outfits that you can buy in the in-game store. And I wish they’d get a handle on the group finder, which always seems spotty. But by and large, I think ESO is a fine example of how to run a live game.

I am sort of nitpicking things as well. There are of course more things that I like and dislike about the game and I will surely go over them in the future. Overall, I am happy with the state of the game post Horns of The Reach. I’m excited to share with you my adventures and thoughts on the game as the rest of the year progresses. We are slated for another DLC in a couple months, finally opening the Clockwork City. I hope you all will join me on my adventure in Tamriel. It’s going to be fun.


Josh Hay