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Through most of the game, Wizard101 has players exploring The Spiral and defeating evil doers as a student at Ravenwood. There's nothing wrong with that, but some of the most amazing and memorable game experiences I've had came from dungeons that put me in unique situations. The first two that come to mind are Ghost Avalon and the Chamber(s) of the Mind.

When it was discovered that the Catacombs shrine needed to become a full fledged "Knight of the Silver Rose" was destroyed, the Lady of the Lake sent us to Ghost Avalon to use the shrine before it was demolished. Ghost Avalon projected a past long gone, but it was interesting to see the events transpire firsthand. Sometimes it's hard to picture a time when the game's villains weren't well ... villains. Seeing Morganthe as Ambrose's apprentice gave her character more depth and in my mind, more understanding. It also didn't hurt that the dungeon required my teammates and me to take on the role of Gamma. Flying around in owl form with a random pet name above my head is still one of the coolest experiences I've had. Psst ... my pet name was Bosco.

Similar to Ghost Avalon, The Chamber(s) of the Mind gave players a glimpse into Morganthe's past. Except instead of being a mere witness to the unfolding drama, we, the players, actually got the opportunity to BE Morganthe. No, I'm not just talking about looking like her. Players actually had to successfully navigate three dungeons using Morganthe's stats, spells, and deck! I will admit I had a little bit of trouble adjusting to the change, but it was well worth it. I never realized it would feel so good to unlock my villainous side!

Aside from a few other scenarios here and there, such as the 5 B.O.X.E.S. event or Grand Chasm Past, dungeons that bring us back in time, forward in time, or have us taking on a completely different role are very rare. I'd personally love to see more. Specifically, I'd be ecstatic if we had a Ravenwood Past dungeon and/or a Pigswick dungeon.

Ravenwood Past

We've never seen a Ravenwood where the death school was still intact. Wouldn't it be cool if we could go back to that time? There's just something about the thought of seeing Malistaire as a teacher and Sylvia as the life teacher that makes me smile. I've always been intrigued by Malistaire's character, and traveling back to a time when the darkness hadn't consumed him yet would be an ideal way to get to know the man beneath the villain.

Pigswick Dungeon

In many ways Wysteria is a wacky mirror image of Ravenwood. There are 7 Pigswick schools of magic, and each one is similar to its Ravenwood counterpart. Check them out below.

  • Chaos
  • Earth
  • Ember
  • Equilibrium
  • Frost
  • Spirit
  • Tempest

Despite getting the wonderful opportunity to explore Wysteria, step into its schools, and meet its many teachers, players have yet to learn any of the Pigswick spells or even see what they would look like. But what if that could change? What if KingsIsle took a page out of the Chamber(s) of the Mind's book and made US the Pigswick students? If that were to happen, players could experience what it would be like to be a Pigswick student, get a feel for the Pigswick spells, and most importantly, it wouldn't upset the balance of the game because it would all be contained in a dungeon.

Would you like to see more dungeons from a different perspective in the future? Share your opinion in the comments. 


Vanessa Mythdust