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Guild Wars 2 - End of the Beginning Part 7

It’s time once again to pick back up on my replay of the story of Guild Wars 2. Last time I had just finished with the first expansion Heart of Thorns story. Mordremoth had been vanquished but at the cost of also killing Trahearne to prevent the Elder Dragon from taking over his mind. Additionally, during the cutscene at the end of the HoT storyline, we also saw what looked like an explosion of ley magic come out of Mordremoth and spread out into many directions. One of these directions was righ

Legends of Runeterra Strikes the Balance Between Hearthstone and Magic

Enter Riot Games with Legends of Runeterra, a new digital card game based on League of Legends that successfully strikes the balance between the approachability of Hearthstone and some of the more complex elements of Magic.

Stardew Valley...With Kids!

It turns out that MMOs aren’t the anticipated hit with kids that Red Thomas had expected, but he’s found a game that he and the kids have both enjoyed. Red talks about Stardew Valley and how it’s a game that should be in your library if you have young gamers in the family.

World of Warcraft - Is Ny'alotha Easier Than Eternal Palace?

A week and two days after mythic Ny'alotha opened up, Complexity Limit downed N'Zoth and claimed the world first title. A though a week is a norm for most raids, it's worth noting that it took almost two weeks for Azshara to be killed. Robin explores whether or not Ny'alotha is a simpler raid by comparison.

The Elder Scrolls Online...With Kids!

Red Thomas hauls his nephew into Elder Scrolls Online in order to please his readers. Red discusses his nephew’s first real experience with an MMO and some of the challenges readers might run into while introducing kids to a similar game.

The Eorzea Prospect: I'm Really Enjoying The Flashy Red Mage

One of Bradford's biggest regrets is not playing Final Fantasy XIV when it first started years back. He's playing it now and is enamored with the flashy Red Mage class, a Final Fantasy Class he's loved since playing Tactics as a kid.

Return To The Elder Scrolls Online

Red Thomas returns to Elder Scrolls Online for what may be the first time since release. Has the game changed enough to find his interest? Red digs into what he likes about the game so far and what concerns him going forward.

World of Warcraft - Two Weeks After Patch 8.3

It's been two weeks since Patch 8.3 has hit World of Warcraft, and our resident WoW expert, Robin, has some thoughts on the patch. From the Auction House bugs to the Heroic Visions. Check out her latest column on the venerable MMO here.

I Can't Wait For The Final Fantasy VII Remake

There are games released every year that people have been waiting for months or years. For many gamers, there is a list of games that they played growing up that they are itching for a remake. . That is how I have felt for years with my love of the PlayStation One era Final Fantasy games. Now we are mere months away from the release of Final Fantasy VII Remake.

TemTem Might Be the Pokémon MMO I’ve Always Wanted

With TemTem, Crema intended to deliver a fully fleshed out Pokémon inspired experience on PC, it would be an “MMO” that can be played entirely in co-op, and there was an increased emphasis on the gameplay, not just steamrolling through the game. I was sold.

New World vs The Lord of the Rings

Red Thomas explores what we know about Amazon’s excursion into the MMO genre and what New World might signify for future games from the company. Red also explores the timeline of what we know surrounding the new Lord of the Rings project and who that may or may not matter to New World.

The Eorzea Prospect: The Struggle Is Real

Jonathan has been playing FFXIV for years, but after taking a short break due to work and other circumstances, he's finding it hard to jump back into the world of Eorzea.