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5 Tips for Being a Great Guild Leader

David Jagneaux Posted:
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2) Recruit the Right People

And when you’re building your guild and identifying the types of play styles that exist, you’ll have to start instituting ranks more strictly. Not everyone can be an officer in your guild, so make sure you know who you’re assigning for different tasks. As the overall guild leader, it’s impractical for you to lead the raid team, PvP team, and be in charge of recruitment. As a result, even if you’re an authoritative leader, you still need to delegate some aspects of running your guild.

When it comes to recruiting standard members, make sure you know the type of people you’re looking for. Don’t recruit a young kid if you’re in a guild of mostly adults that make vulgar jokes in Vent all the time. Make sure your officers are responsible people. Give a clear list of rules and requirements to all new recruits up front. Little things like that can go a long way to making sure that the people you recruit understand your guild and become the right types of players.

1) Understand Your Members’ Game-Life Balance

Finally, the most important tip is to remember that all of your players, no matter how dedicated they are, have lives outside of the game. This isn’t Sword Art Online. Some of your guild members have full-time jobs and children to take care of and they can only play a few hours a week, and then some of your guild members are unemployed teenagers with endless amounts of free time. It’s your job to figure out everyone’s schedules and create an environment that appreciates both in-game and out-of-game life.

And one of the biggest considerations for this tip is to understand the massive influence time zones can have on your guild member’s availability. If I’m a guild member that lives in Seattle and I can’t get on to raid until after I get home from work at 7PM, it’s already 10PM for everyone on the East Coast of the United States. And it would be well past midnight for players in Europe. Maybe the solution is limiting your guild to certain time zones or having multiple groups that play at various times, but it’s a big consideration to have and one of the most important aspects of being a great guild leader.


What about guild that you’re in? As a leader, how do you ensure your guild members are happy and having a good time? If you’re just a member in a guild, does your guild leader do anything special that really makes it worth logging in for you?

Let us know your thoughts on being a guild leader down in the comments below!

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