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5 Things We Want from GW2 in 2015

David North Posted:
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2014 saw quite a few changes to Guild Wars 2, both good and bad.  Now 2015 is right around the corner, and we’re all wondering what ArenaNet has in store.  While they have their own plan for the game, there will always be what we, the players, are hoping for.  Here’s the 5 things players hope to see in 2015.

Better Pacing for Living World Story

The Living World has made some amazing improvements throughout the year.  The story telling has made it more enjoyable than the original  personal story, and even better yet,  than the stories told in other MMOs.  Every two weeks players login to see what happens next as Mordremoth tears through the crust of Tyria, only to be left with a major cliffhanger.  While there isn’t anything wrong with a cliffhanger, like what you’d see in a good TV show, some of the chapters are very short, answering no questions, which keeps the story in the same place.  Many of these small chapters could easily be mashed together into one.  Hopefully the development team is listening to this feedback, and we’ll see better pacing in the story in 2015. 

Better Armor Models for Charr and Asura

Guild Wars 2 has some of the best looking fantasy armors one will every equip in a game thanks to their amazing art team.  Players have so many great looks to choose from, unless you play a Charr or Asura. This is due to their more unique body structures which causes serious clipping issues.  While one armor looks great on a Human, it makes a Charr look like a deformed sausage link.  I doubt the models of previous armors will ever be fixed, due to the time and effort to completely remodel the armors specifically for these two races, but here’s to hoping the armors of 2015 look great for all the races of Tyria.

ArenaNet has always been very detail oriented, so seeing these types of clipping issues is really surprising.

More Unique WvW Tournament Rewards

WvW has certainly gone through some pretty great changes since launch with the addition of the tournament, and Edge of the Mist map.  The tournament may be the biggest addition, giving servers a goal to aim for.  So far 2 tournaments have been held, but both gave the same rewards.  Unique rewards for each tournament would keep the fire of competition burning fierce in players.  Currently, players aren’t willing to spend the extra play time in order to win weapon skins they already have, which makes the tournament feel no different than any other week.  Let’s hope 2015 shows new unique rewards.

More Skills

I’ve been around since the days of the original games, and while I think Guild Wars 2 is an amazing step forward, I’ve played around with all the different variations in skills for my characters and still other players are using the same skills setup I am!  I didn’t run into this much in the original games, and spending time messing around with different builds was a lot of fun..   We’ve seen a few additions in the traits which was great, but adding more skills would really help make build customization more fun, and help our characters feel more unique.  While it would indeed be a serious effort to balance out new skills, the payoff would be great for the development team. 

Expansion Announcement

A lot of players I’ve talked to, and play with are really enjoying the Living World installments.  It’s a great way for the development team to supplement the game in a quick fashion.  But there’s the key word, supplement.  The Living World does add more content to the game, but in small amounts with very little replayability.  There’s also the issue of ArenaNet not giving players a clear picture on the future of the game.  Players are looking for more to do, and nothing seems to be on the horizon.  The announcement of an expansion would restore the faith of the players, and make Guild Wars 2 to the center of attention once again.

An expansion is what we need to reach far away lands in Tyria.

There are other things players and myself would love to see in 2015, but these seem to be the issues that pop up in forums and chat the most.  Overall the game has been great to us over the past 2 years, and I would love to see this amazing game grow.  Thats why the one thing I hope to see in 2015 more than anything, yes even more than an expansion announcement, is new players.  It’s always great to see new faces running through the lands of Tyria. 

What would you like to see in 2015?  Tell us in the comments below. 

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