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5 Things We Want from Defiance 2050

William Murphy Posted:
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Trion Worlds shocked the lot of us yesterday by announcing a sequel to Defiance called Defiance 2050. Using the same engine, upgraded and enhanced for modern consoles and PC, Defiance 2050 takes place four years after the original game, and promises enhanced visuals across all platforms, brand new content, new mechanics, new systems, the works. It’s much more than just an enhanced version, and it’s going to be F2P from the get go. Here then, are our 5 things we want from Defiance 2050 that’ll make it better than the original.

5 - Better Progression

According to the Producer’s Letter and FAQ, the progression system has been completely reworked. How so? No idea yet, but literally anything would be better than the EGO system of old. One of my chief complaints levied against OG Defiance was that I never really felt like I was getting stronger. The weapons, skills, and EGO level just didn’t have enough impact in the power fantasy that’s key to an RPG. Defiance 2050 will see players start from the ground up, sort of like Destiny 2, and that means a level playing field from day one. Players of Defiance will get a currency to spend in Defiance 2050 based on the amount of things they did in Defiance OG.

4 - Better Server Stability

Defiance, whenever I played it from launch to as recent as just a few weeks ago, always seemed to be having stuttering or rubberbanding issues. One of the big changes coming in Defiance 2050 is a move to more advanced hardware across the board, hopefully resulting in a permanent fix for that kind of issue.

3 - Better Driving/Vehicle Physics

One of the cool things in Defiance was the sheer amount of cars, ATVs, and so forth you could obtain. The problem was that they all drove terribly, and were basically glorified mounts. I’d love to see vehicles harnessed in a way that makes sense for combat, for racing, and for physics so that jumping over chasms, or doing donuts and the like feels at the very least like an arcade racer.

2 - More Interesting/Rewarding Loot

There were a ton of guns in Defiance. But through all my playing, I never really felt like I was getting something I should be excited about. I’d also love it if gear extended beyond grenades, shields, and guns, and into your actual armor. Defiance always felt like it could be made better by trying to be more like Borderlands, and I hope that’s what 2050 veers towards.

1- Better Combat and Shooting All Around

As a third-person shooter, it always bugged me that Defiance didn’t have a solid cover mechanic. In an ideal world, Defiance 2050’s combat and shooting will play less like Defiance and more like Mass Effect Andromeda. Make it happen, Trion.


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