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5 Things We Learned from the Eorzean Census

Victor Barreiro Jr. Posted:
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A few days back, Square Enix released slides for the Eorzean Census on the following Lodestone post.

I had quite a bit of fun just looking over each bit of information, figuring out WHY certain things were the way they are. While I don’t really have any answers for that, I thought it might be nice to discuss my favorite takeaways from the Eorzean Census.

The Character Gender Split

The very first image on the census provided a bit of amazing data: the gender splits for the Japanese, North American, and European realms. I am assuming, of course, that these are the gender splits for the characters rather than the players.

While there weren’t specific numbers given, I found it really cool that Japan had a (relatively) equal number of male and female characters.

Comparatively, the North American realms had more males to females on Eorzean shores (62% male to 38% female) while more women were in Europe’s version of Eorzea. (64% female to 36% male).

That said, I wonder if they counted alts. I have some unused alt characters, as well as a level 1 character I made to show my girlfriend how the game works and plays. Maybe our Lizzie Greenrainbow alt is part of the North American Census too?

The common rogue and conjurer

This was a bit of a surprise for me. Among the pre-Heavensward batle classes, the class with most characters in the 51-60 range were the rogues with 11%.

The assumption I can make behind this is that ninjas are popular, as 42% of all rogues appear to be in the 41-60 range of class levels.

Arcanists (which would mean both summoners and scholars, I suppose) are the next largest group of 51-60 ranged battle classes, with 8%.

However, the second-most common class when you look at the 41-60 data shows conjurers at 35% (4% at 51-60, 31% at 41-50).

On the new jobs side, 20% of all dark knights and machinists have already made it to levels 51-60, while 18% of astrologians have done the same feat as well.


Okay, so what I really mean are the Twin Adders rule. Rightfully so, since I’m a happy dragoon who lives in Gridania!


Order of the Twin Adder membership has maintained a 37% standing among the three major Eorzean factions from 2014 to 2015, making it the best place to be!

The Immortal Flames’ Position, meanwhile, weakened by 1% over the year (36% to 35%), likely due to the influx of people who wanted to become rogues choosing to start in Limsa Lominsa.

Big Money!

Eorzea’s  got a lot of gil flowing, and according to the census, a total 3.51 trillion gil has circulated across all the combined worlds.

The exact number is 3,509,727,924,708 gil for those who want an easy cut-and-paste, by the way.

My favorite bit about this little trivia slide is the comparison to gysahl greens purchases. According to the census, that much money would have afforded one person some 9.7 billion bunches of gysahl greens for everyone chocobos summoning needs. I don’t think there’s enough inventory space for that, sadly, so grab some friends if you want to haul that back to your stables!

We need more time (to play FFXIV)!

Of all the big numbers bandied about in the census, my favorite is still the cumulative time played of all players in Eorzea.

According to the census, 96.8 billion hours have been spent on all characters of the game, and this appears to be the count for the year. Final Fantasy XIV is growing, since compared to last year’s paltry 823 million hours of playtime, it’s supposed to be an increase of 118 times the playtime amount.

Divided by 24 hours in a day, and that’s 4 billion days (add a few million days in change)  or approximately 336 million years of gameplay time. I love doing the math for these sorts of things!

Anyway, that’s all the time I have for this week. I encourage everyone to visit the Eorzean Census page to check out some cool statistics, as well as to check out what other tidbits of info are in there, from what everyone’s most crafted recipe is to the number of people who’ve gotten married in-game.

Let me know in the comments what you guys think! Cheers!


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