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5 Reasons You Should Play Warriors in MMOs

David North Posted:
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Over the years players have had to make the important decision of which class to play the first time they boot up a new MMO. For some this decision requires weeks, or even months of research. Some just pick what's hot on the forums, and others have a harder time trying to name their characters. But let me tell you that you should just roll a Warrior.  Always roll Warrior!

5. Easy to Learn

Casting classes can be very enticing, whipping their magical bolts of energy through the air, not only vaporizing their enemies, but also creating a very impressive fireworks show. Yes these fancy tricks may lure you into rolling these classes, but they also tend have a higher learning curve. Warriors use much simpler methods for bringing the pain. Rather than spending a lifetime learning how to connect with, and then harness elemental energies, the Warrior prefers to just pick up an axe and start chopping! It seems crude, but Warriors are often designed with a low learning curve so that you can just pick up a weapon and start beating things up. It teaches you all the basics of combat without confusing you with silly caster woes like elemental resistances, and in some games mana/energy/minion management.

It's hard to stop a Warrior!

4. Variety in Weapons is the Spice of Life

Caster classes, and sometimes ranger style classes, have very few weapon choices. In a lot of games they just have the wand, maybe a scepter, and the staff. You may be lucky enough to use a dagger. Warriors aren't troubled with such silly constraints. They have swords, daggers, axes, maces, hammers, and in some games they have the choice to use bows. Once a player has experienced the game a bit, they will find new weapon types from loot. This allows them to experiment with different tactics. Is it more fun to hack away with a sword, or slow an enemy down with some good hammer blows?

3.  Heavy Armor = Long Life

Caster classes may put on deadly and attractive light shows, but they can't take a hit! Warriors wear heavy armor, which means they can take a ton of damage. This means it's OK if you make a mistake during a fight. That heavy armor will absorb enough of that damage so that you don't die from your mistake, but you still take enough damage so that you see the mistake you’re making. You find yourself staying alive more often, which means less repair costs, which means more money in your pocket to try new weapons, and keep your gear up to your level. 

2. Advanced Mechanics at Later Levels

The first couple of levels stick to the basics. You get out into the world and start getting loot. Now that you're getting those sweet drops, you're hooked to the game. Level 70 (or whatever the case may be) rolls along and suddenly you have new types of skills, traits, and other methods of fine tuning your character. Now you can start doing some more advanced tactics. The fine tuning of a Warrior can turn a mindless brute with weapon into a master of combat! A caster is thrown straight into these more advanced decisions, but you were able to take your time to learn the game.  The Warrior lets you learn how to fine-tune a character through each level, bit by bit.

There's also the option of choosing the really really, really big sword.

1. The Perfect Teacher

Once max level has been reached, and you've fine tuned your Warrior into an amazing tank, or even a living whirlwind of destruction.  The Warrior class has taught you well. It's thrown you into the front lines of combat, allowing you to see the mechanics of the game up close. After peering into the inner workings of the game, those nifty firework shows are starting to make sense. Those casters aren't just making big explosions for the sake of show, some of them are manipulating the enemy, making their allies stronger, and in some cases turning big explosions into much bigger explosions! You know how to do some of this stuff with just a weapon, but now you want to try something new. It's time to feed your curiosity.

You understand the importance of staying alive. You know why weapon choice is so important. You know how to choose skills, and build your character around a certain tactic. Now it's good time to try out a caster, and start the game all over. Think of the Warrior as easy mode. You've learned the basics of the game, and even dipped your toes into more advanced stuff. Now it's time to dive into the deep mechanics of the game with an advanced caster class. Don't worry though, you're ready.  

David North / David North is a freelance writer for MMORPG.com.  David loves to play and makes games, but now he writes about them!  If you want to creep on him and make fun of his ability to draw, follow him over on twitter @David_the_North.

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