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5 Reasons You Should Play Pirate101 Again

Kelsey Fireheart Posted:
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When people ask me why they should try Pirate101 again even when test realm is back with new content, asking me what is new that is important enough to play it again? Here are my main reasons why you should jump back into Pirate101.

1. Pets

Have you tried collecting all of the pets in game? Did you know there is not just pets, but hybrids to obtain? If you are a pet lover and collector, this is perfect for you.

Other than the hundreds of pets already in game that, you can obtain via the Crown Shop where you can purchase them with Pirate101 currency, crowns or from drops in game. There are also over 30 hybrids to produce and many more that are not discovered yet. You could be the lucky one to discover one that nobody has yet.

Last, but not the least, there are many pets you can get with scrip! There are seasonal pets from the PvP vendor and pets from the Black Market. Right now, you can get cute hedgehogs in different colors. They also come with useful talents. To earn scrip which is earned from doing Ranked PvP, Ship Regatta, Smuggling Arena and the ever-popular Ship-to-Ship Fighting. You have plenty of options to help you gain scrip quickly to grab those cute pets and cool weapons and many other things.

2. Ranked PvP

What is cool about Ranked PvP is that they now have seasonal weapons and pets. Four times a year, they change the weapons' looks as well as type of pets according to the season. If you like Ranked PvP, this is a great incentive other than earning the top PvP Badges.

In order to buy a weapon, they require scrip and a PvP Rank. There are many levels of weapons starting with Level 0 all way up to the max level, which is level 60 in the live realm. The scrip price rises as you pick a higher tier of weapons. For Level 0, it's 100 scrip, but at Level 60, it will cost you 4000 scrip. You are also required to have the rank Champion.

In the current Pirate101 test realm introducing Valencia Part 2, there are now level 65 weapons available, however they have no set scrip price yet. They also have now added brand two new never seen before gorilla mounts for the Spring Season, which requires scrip, and PvP Rank. One requires 1000 scrip and a Gladiator rank. Another requires 1250 scrip and a Hero rank.

So all of this just tells you that there are lot things you can work towards in earning. Besides, PvP is fun!

3. Companions

Now with the test realm in full swing, we now can level our companions to level 70 and earn new promotions. Not only that, there are new promotion quests for Dead Mike, Gaspard de Vole, Birgus Latro, Lucky Jack Russel and Milo Graytail. Who doesn't like promoting companions? At their best, they become your tough, fighting sidekicks. Not only that, we get a neat companion, Contessa Argento, who really got good fighting skills.

It is always incredibly exciting to upgrade your companions to make them stronger, faster and have neat moves. I have to say, I still love El Toro’s signature move. The way he carves a T in the air is EPIC!

4. Farming

Honestly, there is always new stuff to farm for. In Pirate101, it is neat is that there are tons of boss gear drops. Pet drops. Even mount drops! You can farm for cool permanent turtle mounts in game if you really need one.

Moreover, of course, with the current Test Realm that is introducing the brand new Valencia Part 2, it just means new places to farm! I already hear of a new pet drop, the Everest Yeti, in the test realm. Yes, a YETI. You cannot imagine the sheer adorableness of this pet. I wouldn't be surprised if there are more new drops that are still not discovered yet. Oooh, the intrigue!

5. Questing

Miss questing in Pirate101? Remember you can have up to six pirates that you can easily level and quest on.

Not only that, in the current Test Realm introducing Valencia Part 2, we now can quest up to Level 70. You get to fight naughty crabs and other enemies that will challenge you. Believe me, they are very challenging.

In addition, as always, what comes with questing is the story line. There is a fabulous cool side story line that is about a cool Captain Hande who has two peg legs and one fake arm. Yes, he has only one real arm left. What happened to this dude?!

However, I would think that the Armada story line is the best reason of all. We have not met all of them... yet. In Valencia Part 2, we will finally get to meet Kane and the Queen. And as well as the mysterious Toymaker when we find out who he really is. OH OH, we also find out our pirate mommy’s name!

So many more mysteries can be found in Valencia Part 2 that I will not spoil here. However, believe me when I tell you that your mind will be BLOWN!

Hope to see you in Pirate101 soon!


Kelsey Fireheart