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5 More of the Worst Types of MMO Players

David Jagneaux Posted:
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Last week’s list of The Top 5 Worst Types of MMO Players was so successful, we decided to listen to you guys and put together another list of the other worst types of MMO players. We took some tips from the comments and have five more for everyone to read about and, more importantly, try to correct in games. With the impending launch of ArcheAge so close on the horizon now, an influx of new players and elite players alike will surely shape that community quickly.

Just as last time, you should consider it your mission to not only try to avoid becoming these types of players, but also to try and stamp them out from your game’s community whenever possible. Toxic MMO players are the worst, so we’re just doing our part trying to make a different in the (virtual) world.

5) Whiner

People will complain about anything, even winning the lottery, but whiners in MMOs are some of the worst. All of these players might not be five-year-old  kids on the other end of that keyboard, but for all intents and purposes it sure seems like it. You can of course ignore or even block people if they get too annoying, but what if you’re in a pick-up-group for a dungeon and it turns out a person is a whiner?

There is a huge difference between levying valid and well-constructed criticism, or even complaints themselves, but incessant whining is not the way to go. Players that simply complain about every little aspect of a game simply to get attention are the people I’m talking about here. The ones that sit in map or trade chat spamming your message box all day with all the little things that annoy them. Or, even worse, the ones that complain about having to grind or put in the time needed to find the best drops. You’re playing an MMO – if you don’t want to pay or invest time to get the best stuff, go to a different genre.

4) Gold Spammer

This isn’t so much a type of a typical player, as it is a horrible practice that’s become ubiquitous with the genre. You probably won’t run across someone that speaks the same language as you spamming gold selling websites in chat. Instead, it’s full of bots or people hired to literally sit there and spam messages into chat boxes.

This has become an issue mostly in free-to-play games since the barrier to entry is usually just having a valid email address. But when you’re trying to have a conversation with someone and the chat box gets lit up with a billion lines of color and asterisk letting you know that you can get super cheap gold over at this one website, it just takes you right out of the game. I’m the type of person that likes to get lost in a virtual world and spend time chatting with friends, not trying to play a game of mouse-based whack-a-mole to block all these different spammers.

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