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5 Add Ons Every ESO Player Should Have

Ryan Getchell Posted:
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With Tamriel Unlimited releasing next week, I thought now would be an excellent time discuss some of the addons that I feel new and old players of ESO should be using. There are hundreds of different addons for ESO but for this column I’m going to focus on five quality of life addons, helping to increase your gaming experience.


Ask any ESO player what their biggest beef with ESO is and they’ll most likely tell you inventory space. With Dustman a lot of the stress that comes with managing a full inventory is removed. This addon, once configured, will sell all your unwanted items automatically. In the configuration menu you can tell Dustman to sell all the gear that is white quality and can’t be utilized in a crafting research. Once you have Dustman all setup that annoying “Inventory is full” message will become a rarity.

AI Research Grid

If you’re out exploring dungeons and killing daedra it’s hard to remember which traits you’ve researched. Especially with some of the final traits taking upwards of 20+ days to complete but that’s where this addon comes in. You no longer have to remember if you’ve researched a specific trait. If someone in your guild asks “Can anyone make me a set of cloth armour with the training trait” you’ll be able to instantly look and see if you’ve learned that trait and on which pieces of gear. This addon has made my crafting life so much more enjoyable.


Not many people really enjoy the way Zenimax designed their guild store UI. Sometimes when you really need to find a specific item it can be incredibly hard when you have to travel to multiple vendors, setting up the filters each time. With AwesomeGuildStore that is no longer an issue. This addon will remember your filters and automatically apply them each time you go to a vendor. It even offers a filter by name. This addon takes the guild trades and turns them into a fully functional store. Searching through what feels like endless pages of items just to find out they don’t have anyone selling cornflower. If you do any purchasing of items via the guild store give this addon a try. You won’t ever go back to using a guild store without it.


This addon is a buff/debuff addon. ESO is all about keeping the player’s attention on the combat and for this reason doesn’t have any buff icons that are visual. However, there are times that the combat is so intense you might not notice that your hands are no longer glowing, or that the particle effect that was moving around you is gone. With Strendarr you’ll have a visual representation as to what buff/debuff you’ve applied to yourself or the target. One thing to note is that this addon isn’t 100% accurate, because of the way ESO has their API you can’t pull the current debuff list off the target. So what this addon does instead is it monitors for button presses and applies that icon to the proper location. I’ve pressed combat prayer for example, and dodged roll out of something, due to my dodge roll the buff never successfully applied, but according to Strendarr I had the buff.

Joviex’s Addon Settings Transfer (out dated by works 100% still)

You will only use this addon once, but it’s one that could potentially save you hours of configuration. If you’re anything like me you need to have your addons in specific locations and configured perfectly to the way you play. This can sometimes take hours to do, and when you make a new character you’re forced to do all that configuring over again, but not with Joviex’s Addon Settings Transfer. This addon will allow you to easily transfer the location and settings of all your addons from a previous character to a new one. Once you get that UI layout down perfectly, you can transfer it to all your future characters with just a few mouse clicks.

As I said there are hundreds of addons that are available to ESO players these are just a few I’ve found to be the most useful. What addons do you use? Which would you recommend to someone to make their in-game life a bit more enjoyable?


Ryan Getchell